Bond Touch Bracelet Review

I am happy to see that the concept of Bond Touch resonates with you.

Below is my new Bond Touch bracelet review.

My Bond Bracelet Review 2017

So, the idea behind Bond Touch is very simple: Bond Touch provide a way for couples, friends and relatives, who are separated by distance to have a way to feel the touch of their loved ones. Because Impossible, the company behind Bond Touch, work with technology they decided to create a pair of bracelets that together with an app make a touch at a distance possible.

Kissing Couple with Bond Touch Bracelets

During their initial fanbase survey they found out that more than 70% of their fans are in that or another form of LDR – with their boyfriends and girlfriends, but also with their friends and close relatives.

The Bond Touch is a small bracelet that closes big distances. BOND Touch comes in pairs. You keep one to yourself, and give one to your dearest. When you touch it – they feel it, no matter where they are on the planet.

Technically, the 2 modules connect via Bluetooth to your phone and through our Bond Touch (will be available for iPhone and Android) app which works anywhere on the planet you can buzz your partner’s module.

Victoria at Impossible told me:

We have many couples writing to us saying how Bond Touch will save their LDR, and bring them a little closer regardless of physical distances. We really hope we can be of service to the couples around the world who for whatever reason are separated by distance.

More than a month ago Impossible, the company behind Bond Touch, launched a presale campaign for BOND Touch in the US and sold more than 1200 pairs so far (with raving reviews). This allowed them to go into production and hopefully they will ship in summer 2017. Impossible are also launching international presales soon.

Are the raving Bond Touch bracelet reviews on point?

See for your self: more info on their website,

Where Bond Touch are now:

We launched presales in the US on 7 February, and since then pre-sold more than 1200 copies. Next week we are launching presales internationally. At the same time, these presales gave us an opportunity to move forward and start improving our prototype before moving into production. This is to say, we don’t have any Bond Touch copies available for testing yet, but we will be happy to send them to our supporters asap when we have them.

Who is behind Bond Touch:

A company called Impossible – Impossible design and build responsible and sustainable products. Impossible had the idea about Bond Touch back in 2013, and launched a pre-order campaign but they didn’t manage to gather enough funds and the project got abandoned. And then, in 2 years it suddenly went viral on Internet – and they decided to try to pull it through again. And happy to say, this time Impossible are almost there!

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