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  1. Erin November 29, 2014 at 9:42 am #

    I am 18 and currently a freshman in college in Ohio. My boyfriend of four years is 20 and in the marines corps. He has been in the marines for 2 years so far. His permanent station is in North Carolina and he goes on deployment over seas for around 6 months at a time. He has three more years of being in the military until we can finally be together. Currently we see each other about twice a year, and it’s really taking a toll on me. We can call each other everyday but it’s like we still are not apart of each other’s lives at all. There is no way that we can live together since I’m attending college in Ohio and I would have to drop out of school. We dated all throughout highschool and I would love to get married but we have never lived together. And we won’t be able to live together until three more years of only seeing each other twice a year. I guess I’m telling you all this because I really do not know what to do. I love this man with all my heart and I only want him, and he feels the same about me. But because of the circumstances it’s like we can’t have each other. I just don’t know whether to keep trying or what will happen with us. Like I said, it’s like we aren’t even apart of each others lives any more. And at the rate things are going now I’m not sure what these next three years will do to us. Please if you are or have been in a similar situation I would love to hear your opinion, or some advice, anything that would help I would be so grateful.

  2. Krista January 2, 2015 at 7:45 am #

    My partner and I met in France, I live in Canada with my three children. We fell in love and after 1 1/2 years he came to Canada. We lived happily and had a great family, but not a lot of money. So we didn’t get his visa application in when we should have…. He got deported 16 months ago. We got married 6 months ago. He is living in Rngland while we remain in Canada. I could never leave my kids, their dad would never let me take them,(but I couldn’t take them from their dad anyways),so I am stuck with feeling like I have to choose between my kids and my husband. We miss each other terribly, but luckily we see each other about every twoontgs for a long weekend. My heart breaks every time I leave him. He struggles with depression… He misses his family. It is so hard but I am determined we will be together again. We have an immigration lawyer (who is moving sooooooo slowly), but it will be two years IF they even approve his return. It’s hard. I’m stressed. I’m lonely. I want my husband home.

  3. Carol January 14, 2015 at 1:30 pm #

    My partner and I met and fell in love 11 years ago when I rescued his golden retriever into my foster home. He has his own IT consulting company, his job takes him all over the country on long term contracts. We have lived and worked in 2 different cities/states for almost all of those 11 years. He is rarely at home, only on most weekends, which amounts to about 48 hours.. I am 62, he is 57. I am preparing to retire next year (2016), his plans are to work for at least another 10 years with his own company traveling the country or the globe (he has had contracts in foreign countries). I am growing so very tired of being alone most of the time, and not really being able to help our relationship grow-I need a ‘tangible’ person, which he is not and has no desire to be. He seems quite content to do the traveling and remain uninvolved with a permanent realtionship…no desire to change. I’ve met his ‘ex’s’ and they all say the same thing: he will never change. I feel sometimes like his storage unit-he has all of his belongings in my house, which does not amount to much besides clothes and a car, no more than he can move out in 8 hours (he told me that initially when we moved together). Right now he is away on a contract that is scheduled to end in October 2015, and another contract will follow that one, but I do not know anything about it at this time. He is also very involved in AA, so much of his time when he is at my place is spent at meetings, or otherwise involved with his AA family, I am growing weary of this situation, talking about it to him has done nothing except anger him to the point of him threatening to end the relationship. Any advice out there as to how to handle this? My friends are telling me to break it off and stop carrying the torch…it’s quite hard to end 11 years…..any thoughts?

  4. Katherynn February 11, 2015 at 12:46 pm #

    I just want to share for a second that long distance is possible! It is not how relationships are supposed to be, but I can attest to it. We celebrated five years together yesterday, and this weekend we will celebrate four years together long distance. now, tell me that isn’t impressive. Relationships are hard work and long distance relationships are even harder. But keep it up, maintain a lot of communication, and do not idealize your partner so that when you see each other next you are not thinking that your partner is the best person in the world (because he/she probably isn’t). And…. love one another! It is possible.

  5. Hannah Turay March 18, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    Well I’m in a LDR since September 2014, and we are always fighting because I am listening to what people are saying. One of my good friends asked me! he used to go to school but he got in a fight with his teacher so they kicked him out, and he joined the army, and they kicked him out too because his uncle join a terrorist group and the both have the same last name. So now he is working as a security, and he lives in Algeria. I’m like so confused I don’t know what to do. I love him so much and I know his the right one for me.

  6. Thylias Moss April 29, 2015 at 7:25 am #

    Sort of new at this. Divorce finalized in September 2013. I was married for forty years to a man I was with since I was 16. I am 61 years old, and had a wonderful romance with a man who’d been interested in me for many years, ever since I was in a movie he made (about poetry, of all things)… Started out that he felt more than I did…. Then we met for a most passionate weekend….. Fit ideally into both of our schedules. But now distance is becoming a problem…. Hundreds of miles apart. And I crave physical closeness. No problem when we were together…. At our age (he’s older than me 67), we both have rather established lives –so we can’t see each other often even if we want to. I’m just not sure. I really love this man, but he’s giving into challenges of distance, and I’m not the kind of woman who will involve herself with indiscriminate sex –have to accept that I’m not the only woman with whom he will have sex… Not easy for me to accept this…. NYC (him) and Michigan (me)

    I am exclusive, by choice, but he is not. What should be done?

  7. Cee July 21, 2015 at 8:11 pm #

    I would like to submit a comment to Carol because I am in a similar relationship. I can sympathize with your situation a lot. Including my friend’s own history with AA and anger when I try to discuss the relationship. I never had a long distance relationship before and am feeling the pain.

    I often imagine saying to him, “I want a boyfriend who is in the same town as me and who spends time with me so I must break this off. If you want a committed relationship with me, we will have to make changes.”

    But I have not said this because I would rather be connected to him.

    He is not storing anything at my home or using me for anything, says he is faithful, but wants to be free to roam the country alone and have his adventures. (retired also)

  8. Ale August 13, 2015 at 12:48 pm #

    We met on December 29, 2011, I now been living in Texas while he lives in California we were 14 at the time not much we could do. Now we’re 18, nervous because I know I will visit him soon. We had a long distance relationship for four years. It was and continues to be hard, I don’t know what to expect. But I love him, and I know he loves me too.

  9. Andrew August 22, 2015 at 10:33 pm #

    Trust me…I know the issues of trying to keep a long distance relationship alive…especially one across time zones and hemispheres. That’s why I created this project: OrbMi – Voice Messaging To The Orb, Not The Phone

    We would love support from others who have tried to keep things close despite the distance.


  10. Breanna September 5, 2015 at 6:03 pm #

    Hi! My name is Breanna, and I used to live in Georgia. The summer after my freshman year I moved to Kentucky, and ironically so was one of my friends, Brandt. Eventually, he moved back, but I stayed, but when we both lived here we started dating. He thinks I don’t know that he wants to surprise me for homecoming, but I know. He needs help raising money to drive here, and we would both really appreciate it if someone would donate! Thank you all, I love all of these stories!

  11. Andrea September 6, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    I just wanted to share my story with you all cause at this point of my relationship, it feels like everything is tearing apart. I’ve been in a ldr for 2 years now. I met him trough omegle on july and since day one we fell in love. Everything seems to be going great, he already had planned to come over during two weeks in August the year after and he surely seemed in love. Later in November he had a new coworker but he didn’t tell me about her. A few months later I started to notice he was a bit different so I decided to check what was going on. He didn’t have me on fb, either instagram or anything like that because he didn’t have accounts on it. One day I was curious and decided to see if what he was saying was the truth, well it wasn’t; turns out he actually had instagram and he had flirty comments all over it with his coworker. I didn’t say anything to him but I made sure to gave him little hints saying it how much I love him and that if he ever felt that I wasn’t enough for him, he should tell me right away. He always denied it and keep telling me how much I meant to him. Two months later, he kept going out with this girl and I finally decided to talk about it but he said she was just a friend. He came over to visited me and after he got back to his country things started to get weird again. He even completely disappeared for 3 days and I found it he was with this girl! He had a massive argument and he told me nothing happened. I still feel I’m second place in his life, I constantly feel I have to fight for his love and attention. I have doe nothing but being faithfully and love him all along. I even left uni twice cause my first career didn’t let me have time for our relationship and my second one was too expensive and seeing he always kept telling me he wants to marry me and have a future together I decided to stop so we can go travel next year as he wants. I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s like not a single thing I do is enough for him, I barely see my friends just to stay at home and talk to him but whenever he has the chance to go out, he does and completely ignores me for the whole weekend. I love him, I really do and every time he says something about “our” future together, I can’t help it by believe him but everything falls apart every time I find out he’s still seeing that girl.

  12. Chantal October 2, 2015 at 11:58 am #

    My serious relationship with Cody started this summer, but we’ve known each other since 2011. We were acquaintance at first, but we weren’t close enough to hang or have a conversation. I was thirteen and he was sixteen at the time. Every summer after the first year, I kept coming back for hope of improving our “relationship” and at least be friends with him. When I was fourteen, we started to be in the same activity and having fun what we like to do together. Such as, swimming in the lake, climbing, running, cooking, jumping on the trampoline, and tubing. The only different about that year (2012) was that we were being check over, because at the time. There was a disease or illness spreading around the camp (which is not anymore) and my back had scrapes from my previous surgery, but Cody has this cold and they automatic put him with the other (including myself). We went to the nearest hospital and we were alright (for those who’s wondering). On our way back to camp, I fell asleep and landed on his shoulder. That was when I first realized that I’m home and safe for the first time, but at the time I was afraid that he wouldn’t understand about me being in foster care. Also, I was afraid about my parent’s approval if we were ever going to be together, but I managed to think of the present and enjoyed the comfort of his touch. When I was fifteen when I came back the next summer, he was beginning to act weird around me. At first I thought that he finally realize that I like hime and was disgusted like all the other guys I liked, so I stayed my distance from him for my own sake, but he was always seem to make me laugh and smile. Despite all the feeling I’ve been having about being rejected. By the time I was sixteen, everything started to be hard for me to move on. When I thought I accepted the fact that he doesn’t like me back. Near the end of the summer when I was smiling away from the feelings of being close to Cody. My friend has to tell him that I like him, right in front of me and he responding that he have a girlfriend. At the moment, I was embarrassed for the first time, but I managed to play it cool when he was around. Then before I know what was going on, I was going back to camp for the last time and I couldn’t stop thinking of seeing Cody again and I knew that I haven’t gotten over him yet. When I got back and unpack my stuff, I was headed to the diner and was happy to finally see Cody again after a whole year of pain, loss, and betrayal that I have to go through at home/school/foster home. When I realized that it was my last year of coming back, I told myself that I have to move on from Cody and forget about him. The first week, I spend my time with a good friend of mine and kept myself busy. I also sign myself out of a activity that I’ve been assign to with Cody and kept my distance far from him. It worked for a week, but when I signed up for the overnight island trip, I didn’t realized that Cody also signed up for it. When the day came, I went to the boat to load my bags and the next thing I knew it. He was behind me asking me if I was going to the trip. I answered him that I was going and curse myself in my mind, but I also realized that he signed up for fishing before so he would be meeting us at the island. When I got there, I swam and got foot cramps. By the time it was near dinner, he finally came and jumped in the water with his clothes on. It made me laugh of course and he went back with his trunk on. We swam for a long period of time and came back in to have dinner. We ate and I swam again but I just floated around with noodles. He came back in and we swam another hour before the sunset. I was talking to my friend about my previous crushes and told her that I liked a girl once. Cody came up to me and ask if I was gay. I told him, no I’m bisexual but it took me a while to explain it to him. But it was the longest conversation that we ever had so I was happy that I was talking to him. That was when he finally told me that he always likes me from the beginning, but was shy to admit it. I told him that I like him too, but I was afraid that he just saying that, because I told him that I like girls. It was when he first started to ask me to be his girlfriend and I said no at the time, but the next morning after he explain to me about what we did in the past. I finally made a choice to say yes and it was the happiness time I ever had. For that week, we were together like glue, but we managed to keep our relationship balance with our friends and keep our affection out of the public. Everything was going perfect and I knew that something bad going to happens and I was getting ready with the pain that I would have to go through. My friend was trying to take Cody away from me, by letting her friend spread rumours that I was talking behind her back, because Cody picked me over her and I was handling it fine. I didn’t tell her off or got mad or anything. All I did was that I told Cody the truth and wait for his answer to choose again. I knew that it was the time that we need to have trust and I also knew that it was his time to show me that if he actually does like me to know that I wouldn’t do it. For the next four days of feeling empty, I distracted myself and waited. By the next week he realized that I wouldn’t do it and speak with his friends about spreading lies around about “his girlfriend” and didn’t spend much time with them as usually. I was happy again and I was fine with the outcome. The only problem was that it was the end of the summer and we needed to go back home. I didn’t have much time to give him the note with my contact in person, so I left it with his mentor and went home. I got a email from his mentor and he said, “He stares at the note, kiss it, then rub it over his heart and put it in his pocket.” I was happy that he got the note, but realized that he never once email, Skype, or call me, so I got worry and waited another week. After the third week I gave up on waiting and was trying to accept the fact that he will never contact me. I tried to convince myself that he lost the note somehow or anything, but deep down I miss him. It has been almost two months since I last heard of Cody, and I don’t know what to do.

  13. Karna November 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm #

    My name is Karna. and I’m 15 years old. I am norwegian and I have been together with my boyfriend for 2 years. He is from16 and from Chile, although we met in South-Korea, where we both lived because of our family business. We met in January 2014 and dated ever since. We have been in a LDR for 5 months now, however he broke up with me yesterday. Currently I am living in Spain in boarding school, and I’ve been having a hard time adjusting to my new “home”. My whole life I have been a very “good girl”. I never smoke, drank or messed around with boys – until i met my boyfriend (x-boyfriend). I lost my virginity to him when i was 13. But we loved each other. My parents knew we were young but they loved my boyfriend, and his family loved me. Our relationship was perfect until I moved away from Korea.

    I was spending the summer of 2015 in Norway with my friends and family before I moved to Spain for 1 year. My boyfriends parents were so nice, letting him come to Norway for half the summer, which was the best time of my life. I fell in love with him even more, seeing him get along with my friends and family.

    To be honest, our LDR has been going great. We skyped everyday and all day on Sundays (despite the time difference, which was the major battle in our LDR), and we communicated lots. We had already set boundaries to what we were, and weren’t allowed to do, so everything was fine – up until he cheated on me about 2 months ago. he got drunk and kissed a girl (who actually was OUR friend- and had a boyfriend). But since he was drunk and only kissed her, i decided to give him a second chance.

    Lately we have been arguing a lot about the future. When were we going to see each other again? What happens after we see each other? How long can we continue our LDR? Until the end of collage? In 6/7 years??

    I am going home for Norway this christmas to see my family, and I really wanted him to come, but it’s to expensive. The next time we might be able to see each other would be next summer. But, 1 year apart? We love each other, but I cry myself to sleep almost every night and he suffers from great depression. He doesn’t want to spend time with his friends or family and he is doing very bad in school – just like me. Even though he is depressed and I am suffering from anxiety, everything goes away when we skype. However it doesn’t last very long, because before we know it, reality hits us, and we are back in our bedrooms, thousands of miles away, in front of our computer screens. For the last week, we have been debating whether or not we should simply just break up – and that maybe it was for the best.

    This weekend (2 days ago), I decided to forget about everything that was going on and go to my friends birthday party, at a pub. I got drunk for the very first time. I wasn’t planning on it, although I had a great time. When I woke up the next morning I was so nervous to tell my boyfriend. This is because I promised him that my first time getting drunk would be with him; i would be safe in his arms. I didn’t tell him right away because he kept asking me about our relationship, and I thought if i tell him he will get mad. So we had been talking all day trying to figure things out when I couldn’t keep it in any longer (I am not a very good liar). I asked him “pinkie promise me, you won’t get mad?”, and after he replied yes and I told him I got drunk he screamed “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU”. And then he hung up.

    My heart sank to the bottom of the ocean. I expected him to get mad but not this. I did not cheat on him, so I was in complete shock. How could he react this way? He broke a promise, to stay faithful to me, but i still gave him a second chance. Why wouldn’t he give me a second chance? He sent me a text right after he hung up, telling me what a terrible person I was, complaining about how he thought I was different and independent, and loyal. Later he texted me saying “I hope you reply to this message, because it would suck not to talk to you ever again”. This text made me even more confused. I have not replied or called since.

    We haven’t talked for a day (which actually is a long time for us- considering it’s sunday skypeday. And I think he is expecting me to ask for forgiveness, and he would forgive. Normally this is what would happen in our relationship, since this has happened many times before. But perhaps its best this way. I would want to end our relationship in peace but I’m not sure it can. He was my best friend, and I would still want to talk to him everyday. However I don’t think I would be able to let him go. Maybe he would take me back and things would go back to normal, but than what will happen? I don’t know if I can keep doing this for so long. Im only 15 and I know I have a whole life ahead of me, and sorry if this sounds totally insane, but I can only imagine my future with him! I am so comfused. I love him and I want to be with him but even IF he did take me back, what will the future hold?

    I have read all the other stories, and it really helps to relate with other people. I am in so much pain.. and I don’t know what to do.

  14. Gerald December 22, 2015 at 11:13 pm #

    My friends and my family said long distance relationship won’t work when my girl friend followed her passion and moved out to the West Coast for college. However 32 months later, We finally proved them wrong. Me and my girl friend got back together with more love and passion. If you’re in LDR right now, don’t give up! It will work if you work it.

  15. Madison March 6, 2016 at 3:06 am #

    I met my love on 9-12-15 we haven’t known each other tht long but we both agree tht we’re rite for each other. We haven’t met in person yet and we call and text all the time.we live in the same state but we’re both really young.we plan about meeting and wht if would be like and wht we would do.Ive been down for Zach since we met and he said he feels the same. We have one of those off and on relationships like we argue one day then the next we’re together. When we’re not together we find other people but we always end up together again. We tell each other we love each other atleast 20 times in a hour. He’s the bad boy type and the good girl type but it’s like he’s the nicest person in the world when he talks to me and he got me kinda bad so he got my bad side out and I got his soft side out. We plan on moving in together in the future. We’re really young but I hope he’s the one for me!!¡

  16. Thomas March 13, 2016 at 8:01 pm #

    Hi, my name is Thomas I’m from California
    and i’ve been in an LDR with an amazing girl from Texas….we’ve been in this relationship for 6 years….we met when I was 13 about to be 14 and she was 12 about to be 13, we met around December and immediately liked each other. And we got together. I knew from the start I loved her, I was just always worried about my personal problems, which made me think will cause me to loose her. We’ve been through EVERYTHING in our relationship. I honestly sadly tried to break it off, for the fear we were biting off more than we can chew, but each day after our ‘break up’ we’d act as if it never happened. And I didn’t care, because I always knew I never meant them, I love her to much to ever let go. She always want to try to come, but I didn’t think I was ready, and worried I wouldn’t be up to her expectations. And I was trying to get more settled for us. I was a pretty bad fuck up in high school, so I was trying to get done with school, get a job, raise enough money and go see her. She even agreed to the idea and everything. But one problem was she always thought something was holding me back, but that was just school, money, and me. So finally i graduated high school, as a super senior, but early within the year than actually expected. And now i was trying to get a job, but was having trouble. And she still thought i wasn’t trying or doing anything for us. I understood why, and was was because I didn’t show much of me trying. And I understood if she didn’t believe me, my mind set was totally immature in the beginning, we argued and fought, and i was too blind, stubborn, and dumb to see anything. But we finally had a HUGE talk one night and she told me everything where I was wrong, and put me in my place to say, so then I decided we needed to compromise and so we gave each other many, many promises, and I finally stopped holding back and see each other and gave up my fears of it. So we decided to see each other after 6 years, and we were going to see each other in February of this year for her birthday, she planned to come see me and luckily by then i finally got a job right in the beginning of February, so everything seemed okay…but we didn’t end up seeing each other, and so we planned it again, except my job requires me to work overtime for the whole month of March, including most of my days off. So we then decided to meet in April, excpet this time i’d go to Texas since she started school. So now it is March, and sadly we got into a little fight which turned into something else. She ended telling me she wants to be with another guy, because he has his own place, job and started school again. Keep in mind we were planning to do all of this, right when I get back on track from being a fuck up, and i did all we needed was to meet in April, we even “married” each other, and i’d constantly try to be cute and roleplay me kneeling down asking her to be my wife, and she always said yes. We planned and promised so much, and now she’s about to move in with him in this coming week. She also said they’ve been planning on it..when we only needed about 20 or so days. We waited 6 years, and I know I made the HUGE mistake of making us wait..but it was.only so i can get back on track for her, she was my only motivation for everything..and we only needed about 20days now..and now i don’t think she wants us together…we’ve stuck through EVERYTHING…and i’m still here fighting..but i feel like she gave up..although she says she didn’t. She says she is only doing it for us…and because she is tired of living with her parents…even when we planned and were going to try figuring out how to be able to live together so she won’t anymore. Even before she planned on going to school here so we can live and be together but she decided to stay. And at first i was a bit sad she started school, because we planned on.starting and.going together, but then I convinced myself to be okay with that, especially since she is doing what she wants and makes her happy, and will help her for her future and i didnt want to be in.her way and i even decided to go see her and while being there figure out everything, living wise, economic wise, and anything to figure out how to stay and be with her. I love her so much and i am trying soo hsrd but i don’t know what to do..i still plan on going in April..but sometimes.she’s okay with it and says itll mean the world and make her the happiest girl ever…but then she tells me to not do it and to not even bother..and that she doesn’t care if i do…she once told me to give up…and still no matter what im not breaking any of my promises especially the promise i made 6 years ago promising that I will go see her….but i worry she doesn’t care or love me or would even want to see me……please anyone any advice…..please help…….i really need it…i really love her and am willing to do anything to fix us and get us back on track she is my forever and always, always and forever…i love you Angel….

  17. ILoveAngel March 13, 2016 at 8:27 pm #

    ..its Thomas again, i forgot to add that…well.. i do believe her when she says she loves me and hasn’t given up….and all that….but sometimes i feel she doesn’t mean it the same….or is just saying sweet things to make me feel better…..and sometimes i fear that the other guy and time will take her from me…..please anyone, i really need advice and help on how to fix this……ive thought of counseling but am not sure if she would want too…please anyone with advice… please help…..I LOVE YOU ANGEL, I ALWAYS WILL, I LOVE YOU, FOREVER AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS AND FOREVER..

  18. Jacob March 24, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    My name’s Jacob, I was in a LDR for 4 years.
    I am super happy to say me and my lovely GF are together now and about to move into an apartment together this summer (2016) and our relationship has never been better!
    We’ve had a bumpy road together, but we have learned from our mistakes. and I only wright this post to hopefully encourage other to learn from my dumb ass self!
    All the things we’ve been through have been tough and what I would consider extra ordinary for a relationship to continue. But there has been an overwhelming amount of forgiveness and realism.
    Not saying she didn’t get upset and offended when I cheated like the idiot I was!
    Also not to say I shouldn’t of got upset when we broke up because she saw a small glimpse of happiness inside a local guy and left despite claiming she loved me more. She just couldn’t handle being so far.
    Despite all the bumps and extreme emotions that come with all of our mistakes, we kept a realistic out look on our relationship. She had to decide if she still loved me after I could make such an extremely dumb decision. And it look about 6 months for her to really start to trust me again. Which is more than understandable if you ask me!
    I had to make a similar decision when we wanted to get back together after she left me for another guy. This bump in our road is still kind of a sensitive one, but one we AREN’T afraid to talk about, which is how we’re healing from this.
    I would say communication is the most important thing in a relationship for many reasons.
    If I didn’t tell her that I’m hurt by the actions she took while we where separated, than I would be an emotional wreck and quickly become bitter. And if she didn’t ask the same thing back at me, she would be bitter and jealous.
    If there’s any question that you have or the they have, it’s so important that they all get talked about. I don’t necessarily mean questions like “was he better in bed?” or “was she prettier than me?” (Which if you’re questioning those things, ASK THEM! If you can’t talk about frivolous things like that, than there’s a major problem in talking)
    But I more so mean questions like “why do I still make you happy?” and get to the deep root of how and why of every question.

    There’s over a million things that try to tear your relationship down, statistics show that long distance relationships on average can be as solid and dependable as a “normal” relationship. (whatever “normal” means, most of the time it means local dating I guess) So don’t feed into the thought that things have to be rough because it just natural for a LDR.

    With so many things that fly at all types of relationships, my biggest encouragement would be Don’t treat a LDR as if it’s a “Normal” relationship.
    Every relationship is gonna take its own form of communication. If you don’t consciously change the way you talk to your LDR BF/GF than there’s nothing defending you from falling apart. It takes a reprogramming of your brain almost. Were taught from a young age that prince charming will come on a magic carpet singing that he’ll show you the world. They never mention the times where it takes his dumb ass 4 years to commit to even see you. *Raises hand*

    IDK I hope somewhere inside this, someone can get a glimpse that every relationship is flawed but it takes the extra care and communication to take any relationship to the marriage phase.
    Marriage may seem like this wonderful rainbow that a unicorn farts out for once you become a certain age, but let me tell you as someone fresh out of a LDR and about to be engaged. Its scary as SHIT!

    P.S. if anyone has a thousand dollars they’d love to give us, she wants about a million pets inside a 1 bed apartment. I also take payments in food. (she likes Mexican and Italian)

  19. Katherine Nolasco April 13, 2016 at 4:17 am #

    To “ILoveAngel” …Thomas..ask her sincerely if she hasn’t give up on both of you. Tell her you are willing to see her and really DO it. But if she really has moved on, I am so sorry, there is a girl out there close or far who is much worthy of your love and who will love you back as much you love her. I am in a LDR for 4 yrs now and communication, trust, honesty and constant reminding the other of our love what keeps us both solid and together. We are 8500+ miles apart and so it is so hard. There should be reciprocity of love between the two of you or else one will be depleted, with all his or her love spent already. You empty love and get filled with love by the other. Both should be willing to fight for the other. Go and visit her if you must and talk to her in person or prove to her you meant it…your love for her. I hope this helps…Good luck..God bless.

  20. Halie April 15, 2016 at 5:37 pm #

    Hi. I’m in LDR. I’m 31 from Wa. My boyfriend 45 is from Florida. He is a truck driver. We met on facebook, we didn’t talk much maybe a hi here and there. Last yr. We talk quite more than before. He develop feelings for me. I didn’t know if I wanted to give a shot at love again. Been cheated and hurt in the past. We talk alot…. in Oct 2015 I guess I had alot on my plate I told him to not call me leave me alone. I didn’t hear from him after that. November roll by he text me saying he’s coming to Seattle. I will see you soon. I called him asking what for. He wanted to know what happen between us. He was talking to someone else at that point in October. He told her that he wasn’t into her. He had feelings for someone else which that was me. It was his idea that I should fly out to Florida to see him to see where it was going to go. I booked my flight for Dec.
    I was excited and scared meeting him for the first time. He was amazing everything what he said was true. I fell in love with him. We made it official that we were dating right on his 4th birthday. I was their to celebrate with him on his special day.
    Hardest part came on Jan 3,2016 was the day I was leaving. We wrote each other a letter on how we felt towards eachother. As we got to the airline getting my bordering pass saying our goodbye and sweet kisses was the hardest thing. I went my ways to get ready to go home. He called me after I got through security telling me he was trying to hold his tears back walking back to car. That really made me sad. As I was on my way home… it felt different. I had a good time and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    We haven’t seen each other now in over 3 months it’s been hards. With up and downs. We always talk,videochat,text just try to make the most of it. He got me a promise ring the symbol of his love to me that he wants to be with forever. I will be moving to Florida to be with him next yr in March to have our life and future together. We will be getting married and I will grant him a daughter he always wanted so do i. Just to let everyone know who is in a LDR that it does work. I know it’s hard an it’s not easy but if truly love one another it will pay off at the end to have a happy life!!

  21. Halie April 15, 2016 at 5:42 pm #

    Oh I made a mistake I said his 4th birthday I meant to say his 45th birthday

  22. April April 19, 2016 at 10:06 am #

    Here is my story….My boyfriend and I dated all through high school and was even engaged the night of my Senior prom. We had an amazing relationship, but I went off to college and he went into the Marines. Everyone was saying we were too young for it to work, there were people telling him I was cheating on him and vice versa. None of that was true, but we ended up breaking up and moving on. We both married other people and had we each had three amazing children. After both our marriages failed we ended up finding each other by accident through facebook. It has been two years since we found each other and we are more in love than we ever have been. The problem is…we live across the country from one another so we only get to see each other maybe once a month, if we are lucky. Our kids are all teenagers and theirs lives and other parents are where they are. We cant figure our how to get together. My divorce decree states that my kids are to stay in this school district and so does his. Our youngest children have five more years of school left. Any advice out there?

  23. Eirini April 23, 2016 at 9:44 pm #

    Hello ? My first ever relationship was an LDR and though it was a wonderful experience I promised to myself I’d never do that again. Well, here I am on my 4th year in college-need one more to graduate- having a LDR with a beautiful inside out French guy that originally started being both in the same place-that is Greece- for the first 2 months. I cannot say much, apart from the fact that I had plenty experiences and I always felt liberated from attachments. Now in my 23 years and for the first time I truly feel in love and ready to be with that person for long time. And that is why…i feel that this is so unfair..but I am trying to be positive and even thinking I could give up lotz of stuff for this guy…

  24. zazii May 8, 2016 at 6:14 pm #

    Well my story starts at the beginning of October 2015. I was a member of an online poetry group,that’s how I met him,I didn’t think that we’d come far from there.One night I was just being cheerful and happy and another member of the group attacked me for it saying how I was a fake,considering he was the one asking me to join.I was so upset I spend my night crying.But then suddenly I hear my phone,a text,it was A….I don’t want to mention a name.He texted to see if I was alright and that he could provide a shoulder for me to cry on.I thought it was sweet,bud I didn’t think that I would see a text from him the next morning.So day after day we got closer,he got to know my deepest secrets and I his,we didn’t go a day without texting each other.It never crossed my mind that I could fall for him.I mean he lives a continent away,I was 17 he was 21.And then one night over a game of truth or dare he confessed that he had feelings for me,I couldn’t keep a secret from him so I confessed to,I mean he made me happy when I hit rock bottom no one by that time could do that,but he was special.We would stay up late talking about a future together,a beach house,him,me,our two daughters and a dog.It was perfect.He filled my days with happiness.Months went by we were more in love with each other.Then one night I felt he was pushing me out.And after a while he spilled out about another member from group meeting his mother,she was pretty and he started posting pictures with her,and the I love you’s turned into take care.By then I realized hey were dating.I was heartbroken,even tho he didn’t stop talking to me I felt replaced and not good enough.They didn’t get along well tho,always having fights and she would ask me for advice considering she knew that him and I were friends.I tried my best to keep them together I wanted him happy even tho I was miserable.Their relationship hasn’t ended yet,they’re both stubborn tho they don’t feel nothing for each other,A few says ago he was honest with me and told me that he still loves me,that he always has and the only reason he is dating her is because she was going through a tough time and she needed help.It’s been eight months since I met him,and I have loved him every single day of every month.I’m not sure how he really feels about me,and I know he is not single so I guess I should leave for time to do it’s own,God knows I don’t want to ruin his relationship.All I ever wanted was for him to be happy,that’s the only way I am happy too.

  25. Hershey May 9, 2016 at 8:01 am #

    I’m from India and i met my boyfriend on chatous. we’ve been dating since 15 months now.things surely haven’t been very smooth for us but i can say that we’ve managed to make it this far.i love him a lot and even though I’ve had normal relationships before, i consider this to be the best one of my life.We’ve met 3 times but i do miss him a lot. now I’m going to London for further studies and i don’t really know what to to. i don’t think that I’ll be able to live without him because he has given me the best memories of my life. i just hope that we can be together soon because he is all I’ve ever wished for.I’m scared that this might be the end but I’ll try to make this last for as long as i can.

  26. nobody May 9, 2016 at 5:26 pm #

    so hi … so let me start .. me and my bf we are in long distance from 1 year and four months .. whn he askd me to be his girl it’s kinda cute :) everything was going great we talked alot ,text mssgs , late night talks over the phone oh it was going grear :) actually best … But one day when I got to know that the boy im in love with was fake :( that was the hardest part cuz I loved him so deeply and I couldn’t acpt the truth and whn i asked him why did he do that he said that he looks ugly that’s why he used fake pics of his brother .. though I loved him very much I forgive him for whatever he done cuz I loved him I loved his soul not his face I gave him one more chance …after that again everything was going good when we reached 9 months again I got to know that he was using fake pics like before damn I was totally hurt I didn’t knew what to do that time I was so hurt my heart just broked . I can feel the pain in my chest but I knew that he really love me and it was too late for me to late him go I couldn’t do that he was the first boy that i had feelings more then anyone … I gave him another second chances everything was going really hard for me by the mean while when I gave him second chance he was in relationship with a other girl by using fake profile I was so pissed off but I’m so scared to lose him so I asked him that what he’s problm is he cry alot and asked me sorry he said that he himself don’t know what’s going on with him he was sad I figured that it happens cuz of loneliness we are too far from each other we can’t meet also maybe that’s why .. so by doing this we are still in love but now again he got changed he said he don’t trust me he think I flirt with other boys … he was way too JelOus and over possessive I just don’t know what is going on was it me who is only sacrificing love from my side ?? do he really love me :( I hope he do and I got that feeling yes he do love me :( I hope we will be together for forever :) I love you

  27. River May 13, 2016 at 4:28 am #

    I was after my boyfriend for two years and decided to stop at the end of 2015. We met through our parents and goes to different colleges.
    I like him because his success inspired me to be a better person, therefore I was quite deviscated when he didn’t respond to my feelings for nearly 2 years.
    Anyways he started to like me right after and after he confessed we started our relationship long distance.
    I was very emotionally depended on him at first, every single time he didn’t reply my message I would get really upset. I’ve learned to control myself and become more and more independent but the distance is really killing me.
    He was recently sick and I was feeling really bad since I couldn’t be there for him. Most of times it’s like I’m dating my phone, who is busy most of the times because of school.
    I miss him so much, there isn’t one second I’m not thinking of him. I’m doing great on the outside and all but inside I’m always thinking of him. I want to give him a hug after a long day at school and want to hold his hand during a chilly morning. I try to keep myself busy but I’m still sad.
    We are never emotionally close because it’s really hard to develop a relationship when we are both busy and are hundreds of miles apart…although I do really like him, I’m starting to consider maybe this is just a really bad timey for both of us to be in a relationship.
    Should I break up with him? I don’t want to be sad anymore but I really don’t want to leave him…

  28. kanna May 14, 2016 at 11:56 am #

    Hi , I don’t even know how to start .. but I am suffering lot of pain from this . I loved a boy in our relation when I was 16 years old , I don’t exactly call that as love at that time but I had feelings for him, later I go to know he too loved me at age of 18, we sincerely love and respect each other.. now the problem is as we grew elder we came to know that ours is brother-sister relationship we are not able to digest this.. but we are not able to forget each other both our family know regarding our love but they are opposing it even we too feel it is wrong sometimes but we are not able to forget each other , I am not understanding what to do in this situation I don’t want both of our family members to get bad name because of us as my parents are very supportive to me , I don’t want to lose my parents and even him am in totally confused state of mind as what to do, more over I have many dreams to be achieved but as he is five years older than me they are seeing matches for him , I don’t want him to marry another girl , if he does not marry me also he should not marry other girl I feel , am I doing wrong please suggest or guide me..

  29. JustAGirl May 17, 2016 at 11:22 pm #

    I would have never thought of writing my LDR story here but I’m just so desperate that I need to let it all out.

    So first, I’ve been in an LDR relationship for 5 months and a half. Just so you know, I am a bit too emotionally unstable (I don’t think I’m bipolar but just close)! Oh and also, my boyfriend lives in the US and I live in Canada.

    So it all started October 2015 when I wrote in a group chat on Facebook about how depressed I was. The problem was that it was about my ex best friend but I didn’t notice she was in the group. That guy was the only one that asked me why. So I sent him a private message and we chatted the rest of the evening. Before that, I had seen him once during a skype group video and thought he was cute but I never dared to talk to him. So that evening, we talked and I even told him the first time I saw him i thought he was cute and everything. Anyways, 2 months passed and feelings started growing and growing. One day, I got a letter from him. I also sent him a letter and that day we both got our letter so we decided to open them at the same time. His was a poem he made. I know it probably sounds cliché but he asked me out through that. I cried and kept telling him how much I loved him. So that was the beginning. It was going well until I cheated on him with a guy in the same group chat as before. I felt terrible and one day, when we were both telling the whole story of our life, I included the fact that I cheated on him… he was sad for some days and I was too. I knew I loved him more than anything and I know sometimes I’m just being too nice with people. It got much better and we’re still together but it is so hard…

    We keep talking about our future and sometimes I feel like we have hope and we’ll meet and 3 years is not that long. Yes 3 years because I don’t have a passport (mother doesn’t want) and he has social anxiety and doesn’t want to meet my parents. So I’m waiting to become 18 but it is just so hard… I have huge mood changes and today is one of the days that I feel totally hopeless… He’s going to college next year and I’m scared he meets a girl better than me that he can see everyday. I’m scared we don’t make it and never meet. I feel so frustrated not to be able to do anything but hope and wait. We constantly talk about our future and sometimes it feels close but today I’m realizing it’s so far away… Anyways, I just needed to open up a little..

  30. Hiba May 18, 2016 at 8:48 am #

    I am Hiba from Pakistan. I was in a Long distance relationship for 3 and a half years.. the last year was kinda bumpy. He thought we can’t make it. I kept giving hI’m hope over and over again he left maybe he was frustrated but maybe he didn’t realise that he’s not the only one going through it. Well according to hI’m our chances of being together and having a perfect life weere not even 50% When this last time he said all these things instead of giving him hope.. I told him I give up on is too. Even though I didn’t. I never did. He did always.. I told him to leave because I felt so worthless I mean He wouldn’t even try and just give up you do that when you don’t really want that specific something to happen. So we broke up. He told me goodbye I said nothing. Still nothing. Even if he can make it now I will never think about it. He ruined me. He left when I needed him. While I was there for him. Our love was undoubtedly strong and very deep. I still love him I can tell it. Maybe he doesn’t love me enough back. I will fall in love with someone new, I know. But it’ll never be the same. I miss you. But I never would want you back.

  31. Daly May 20, 2016 at 3:45 am #

    Im from chicago me and my boyfriend have been together 4 years and we have been apart for 10 months. He used to live here as well but last year he got deported and now cant come back to the U.S. So i feel like im stuck he cant live here with me and i really dont want to live there with him. I would have no one but him. My whole family and friends are in chicago. And i dont want to leave i was born here i like it here, ive tried staying with him for a month but i cried almost everyday i know nothing or noone but him. Having no support or just someone to vent sucks, i can tell he feels bad about the situation but were both kind of stuck. I just want to know what to do should i suck it up and go be with him and leave everything.. or should i end it now.. The last thing i want is to get cheated on and i honestly think it will happen eventually if we keep going with this long distance relationship.

  32. Phe May 23, 2016 at 2:24 am #

    I met my bf online and we’ve been together for about a year and one month now. He lives in the US and I’m in the UK. We’re both the same age (22) and our lives are pretty busy as I’m currently training to teach primary and he works long hours too. I go through these rough patches when I get stressed out and wish we could be together physically. I become sad, impatient and frustrated and it’s not fair to him. It’s hard but it’s important to remind myself to appreciate what we do have. Our schedules prevent us from meeting for now but I’m hoping for it to happen this fall. We would only be able to meet once a year while he’s in his profession so it’s a real luxury.

  33. Sam May 26, 2016 at 7:14 am #

    Ich bin Sammy und mein Freund heißt Zee. Ich bin aus Deutschland und er lebt in Indien. Wir beide haben uns auf Facebook durch ein paar Freunde kennengelernt. Damals ging mein Freund und ich durch eine emotionale Phase, die uns das ein oder andere Mal sowohl zusammen, als auch auseinander gerissen hat. Wir beide waren jedoch unzertrennlich und haben alles überstanden, was uns versucht hat auseinander zu bringen. Wir kenne uns nun seit etwa 2 1/2 Jahren und ich hoffe, dass wir uns bald persönlich sehen können :) LDR sind nicht einfach. Aber meiner Meinung nach ist keine Beziehung einfach. Wenn du ihn liebst, ist die Antwort jedoch eindeutig. Ja, du bist es wert. Für dich reise ich ans andere Ende der Welt! :D (bei mir nicht ganz so ^^).
    Lasst euch nicht einschüchtern. Zweifelt nicht an eurem Partner und glaubt fest daran. LDR work if both partners love each other :))

  34. Niki June 6, 2016 at 7:47 am #

    My name is Niklas, I’m 18 live in Berlin and just finished school, as a result of playing professional youth football I met a girl one can only dream of on a tournament in Milan two years ago. We stared talking to each other and immediately knew it was something different/special between us. Every time I met her it felt special to me and we two had the best moment together. She plays professional tennis and moves around the word. We’ve seen each other once every now and then from there on. Just recently we’ve met again in Barcelona and agreed on trying to get over each other, which I’ve tried before, but it is nearly impossible for me. I constantly think about her and I know she does the same. I really don’t know what to do. The distance and knowing that it is the only barrier hurts.

  35. Alex June 6, 2016 at 12:43 pm #

    We just ended out phone calls, we missed each other.

    I met her 3 years ago in a college, we fall in love with each other, we love deep and we are clear of our love. We live far away from each other, I already knew that before I decided to take the steps to fall in love with her. I remember the first time we have to separate, it was the semester break. We cried and we hug each other saying countless times of “I love you, I will miss you”. We visited aquarium the day before, it was the moment of our life and we never forget every precious moment during that day.

    And now, we had to separate for more than 4 months before we can meet each other for 5 days, we work at different country and I knew this day will come and I had a hard time to face the truth, I became depressed and angry and anxious, I dont want to separate for so long, I want to see her, take her to places, hug her, tell her stories, enjoy movies with her, wake up next to her.

    I take a deep breathe and dive into the deep, dark, empty cave inside my mind, I wish I never sees her again, because it keep reminds me each time we meet is another goodbye to all of us and I hated it. She had her jobs now, she live comfortably with her family and friends, she is safe I know that, I tell myself to let go, to trust our relationship and let my worries sink into the deep ocean. I let go, I breathe again, I focus.

    We have countless arguements, fights, tears but we still stuck with each other. I am very proud of her, her courage to wait for me, her courage to take the leap of faith into our LDR. In the first time ever, I can really told myself: you all had done great.

    My advice for LDR is : Make sure you really loves each other, and you could take the pain to be separate into different time zone and such.
    LDR is not pretty but it helps us to keep our promises and every time we meet we had more to share and surprise for each other.

    We had our LDR worked, we wishes you to stay a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship :)

  36. Trizha June 7, 2016 at 10:47 pm #

    I was 16 years old when I met this guy online. He’s 5 years older than me. We’re both Filipino and same school as well. But when we start talking he’s already in Canada while I’m in the Philippines. We talk everyday and sometime we get a chance to see each other in cam. We randomly talk everything about pur lives and it’s pretty interesting and fun that you have someone to talk to some serious stuff. Weeks go by, and I’m starting having a feelings for him. And week after, he told me that, if it’s okay for me if he say “I love you” and I’m really surprise because I already have feelings for him. He courted me through online (I know it’s kinda easy to get ?) so I’m thinking about I’m gonna say “yes” before his birthday but you know what? I say “yes” a week after his birthday. Yah it’s weir

  37. Jackie June 11, 2016 at 12:59 am #

    My name is Jackie and I need some advise/encouragement- I was accepted into a 3 year Doctorate program for my major which is very exciting. However, it is in Florida and I am from Pennsylvania. My boyfriend and I have been together about 2 years now. I hate making this decision because I do not want to leave him and put a strain on my relationship. However, it is the only program I was accepted to, and it is such a huge opportunity I’ve been given. I do not need a doctorate to practice what I want to practice because you can be certified with a 2-3 year masters degree. But if I stay in PA, I would be taking a year off to work, take more classes, and reapply to more places next year for masters programs. It is a risk if I do that because I may not get in since I do not have the best GPA and such. I just don’t want to regret nit taking the chance if I find myself next year sitting at a local bar in my hometown on a Saturday night wondering “what if?” Or regretting taking the opportunity that was given to me. While my family and many others are telling me to go to Florida and make the move, my boyfriend is the one person ignoring the topic and telling me that I do not need my doctorate right away (which is true because there are 1 year online programs available after a masters)… And I do not need to move across the country to become what I want to become, (also true). I know that I have breaks in my doctorate program about once every 4-6 weeks, which is great because I will either come home to visit my family/boyfriend or they can come visit me. Plane tickets are pretty cheap to fly down to Florida from PA, also. It is so hard to pick up and leave everything you love. I just want my relationship to work and I know it can with a positive attitude and visits about once a month. I just wish my boyfriend could view this opportunity as positive. He strongly does not want me to leave. But with the 1st summer semester off (I’ll be back home) and the 2nd summer and fall semesters off (I’ll be back home for fieldwork), I think it is doable. Hard, but doable because I feel guilty for leaving and purposely putting a strain on our relationship if I don’t “have” to. Any advise or help on either my decision to move to Florida, what to say to my boyfriend that can make him more positive about this move, and what to do to make sure that it does work ?! Please! Thank you!

  38. Amber June 14, 2016 at 10:41 pm #

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half, long distant that is. We’ve know each other for 3 years though. We met on a random game one day but became really close friends and then a couple. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s basically on opposite ends of the US. I’ve never been in a LDR before where I felt like I could actually be with this person and be together for a long time. I turned 18 back in March and graduated high school in May. Now that I’m old enough and have the time to freely do what I want, I had planned on visiting her over the summer before my college classes start in August. However neither of our families have enough money for a plane ticket. I’ve done everything I can to raise enough money to get to her. I’ve tried getting a job, opening commissions, asking for money (from my parents), and even the lottery. However all of them failed; no one called me back for a job, no on requested a commission, my parents would give me SOME money but ask for it back in a few days, and we all know how the lottery goes. Also, my girlfriend is a bipolar-depressant who had a history of being suicdal. She recovered from being suicidal a few years ago but she’s been more and more sad, anxious, and secluded lately I’m really worried that she might lapse back into being suicidal. I want to visit her before it’s too late and give her support and comfort so that she won’t lose the value of life. I made a GoFundMe (
    ) where the full story is. I was hoping that someone would be nice enough to donate to help us finally meet each other. The goal isn’t even a huge one. I don’t even have any facebook friends or a huge following on social media for it to get a lot of attention so I’m starting here I guess. It’s a long shot but I hope someone donates…

  39. Maria June 21, 2016 at 9:19 pm #

    Hi, my name is Maria. I met my lovely boyfriend on October 2015. I was going to a university in Canada. I met him in a spanish course that he was taking, me on the other hand, I was just there to help the professor. I am not the kind of girl that will fall in love at first sight, him on the other hand did. So then we started talking and then I fell for him, and so profoundly. We started dating on November 20, 2015. It was so magical, we used to watch movies on his room, cook and had a lot of fun. I swear I’ve never felt this way for someone before, and I felt like we were perfectly made for each other. I come from a latin american country where I don’t met a lot of asian people, but ever since I started studying in Canada I started liking asian guys. And my boyfriend has never liked asian girls, for personal reasons. Besides, I didn’t had amazingly good grades on my first year of university, so I wasn’t supposed to go back for my second year, but I did. And that was his third semester there. I swear, all of this made me feel like I was supposed to meet him no matter what, and that we are meant for each other. My fourth semester in the university, I worked hard, I swear I did, but my final exams brought my grades a bit down and my mom is not glad with it. Now she’s going to make me stay in my country to finish my degree, and I don’t want that. The university here is not really good and very dangerous. I want to go back to Canada, I’ll admit I want to go back for him as well but I want to have a very good future for myself and my future family once I graduate over there as well. But if I can’t go back for this september, then I don’t know what’s going to happen. I love my honey so much, like crazy, but if i stay then our future will be uncertain. I keep telling him that if I have to stay here then I’ll work my ass off and graduate as soon as possible, and work for at least one year or two to go back, but those will be 4 years away. He keeps telling me that in 4 years he might change and I might change, that one of us might move on, but I am very stubborn and I don’t want someone else. He is the most amazing man I’ve ever met, the only man I want for my life, the only one I want to have a future with. I don’t wanna let go of him. But I don’t know what will happen.
    I’ve been working, showing my mom how much I want to go back, how much I really want to have a good future for myself, my future family ans my sister. I don’t know what to do.
    Can someone please help me?

  40. Jr June 25, 2016 at 9:00 pm #

    I’m now 16 years old, I met my girlfriend when I was 15 around mid September it’s just we live 4 hours apart I’m a Jounior in high school and I’m getting a car soon so maybe I’ll be able to drive down there to see her one day. But for now all we have is FaceTime and talking on the phone. We’ve been together for 9months now. I don’t listen to what people say about her and I not making it and it’s puppy love but out of all the people I’ve went out with that we’re in close range to me, They don’t compare to her even though she lives so far. It’s like a connection that is stronger than anything you can ever think of. I planned after high school to go to a college near her live down there until I finished college then after we both finish college then we will be together. Call me young and unexperienced if you want but distance doesn’t mean anything I talk to her everyday. And everyday I see her over FaceTime making her smile it just brings us closer and closer even though we are so far away, I’ll see her in 2 years maybe less I might take a coach bus to her to meet her in person for the first time. Love has no distance.. She’s so far away from me but somehow I found her. Now that I found her we will soon be together, distance doesn’t mean a thing to me

  41. YounggAnddFree June 28, 2016 at 1:19 am #

    Wow.. It’s really amazing how many people share their LDT story…

    Well, hello. I’m not gonna say my real name but let’s say that you can call me Maya, haha! This is my story…

    Nobody in my family knows about my LDR and the same goes for him (except his brother-in-law)…

    I’m French-Canadian and he’s American.

    I met him on a PC game on October 2015. I was only 12 years old and he was 14.At first, we were COMPLETE strangers, but thanks to my friend (who already knew him), we became friends. We started to talk to eachother and well, I wanted to know if he wasn’t a creepy old man (hehe) so I kinda asked him his age. He said “I’m 14! No worries, I ain’t no pedophile! x)” and I believed him. I asked his Skype name and I gave him mine and ever since that day, we kept talking to eachother, every day…

    At first, we didn’t know anything from eachother (obviously) so we exchanges some… private information. He lives in Detroit and his parents are from Bangladesh. I live in Montreal and my parents are from Central America. Every since the day we exchange our Skype names, we didn’t stop talking to eachother. I remember that he was really flirty with me (Calling me “beautiful”, “cute”…) and I promised myself not to fell in love with him. The first time we face-camed, the first time we saw eachothers faces… I think you could say that it was magical. I said to myself back then “Oh my, he’s cute.” and I hope he had the same thought as me :). So yeah… The more we started to talk, the more we were getting closer. After 1 month, he started to say to me “ily… i’m not even joking.” and I didn’t believe him because I thought that if we go out, it’ll never work out because we don’t live in the same country. But I was wrong.. Thanks to Skype, Video Games, Chatting, Singing songs, listening to out stupid jokes… I broke my own promise. I fell in love with him! He asked me out during a face-cam and I said yes, even though I didn’t care that we don’t live in the same city. I love him so much but I noticed that he’s not the kind of guy that my parents would accept as my partner. :/ First of all, he’s muslim and I’m catholic (I honestly do not care about the fact that we’re not from the same religion…), he’s a 15 year old tht drinks beer, smokes weed, gets into fights… One day, he was high during a call and I told him to stop smoking weed but he said “I’ll stop when we we’ll meet…”. I don’t like him being in that condition but, really, I should accept the way he is and that is what I’m doing right now…

    Despite his bad habits, our relationship hasn’t any problems (for now…) and I think we can do it for at least 5 years. :) We promised to eachother that we’ll meet in five years or even sooner if time allow us to.

  42. Anonymous July 16, 2016 at 8:30 pm #

    My boyfriend and I met in 8th grade and as stupid as it sounds we fell in love. We were together until the next summer when I had to move to another country. We both struggled with our own family problems so our bond was very close and we wanted more than anything to have somewhat of a future together. We decided that if we still had feelings for each other that when I finally moved back home then we would meet up and try it all again. So we continued to talk everyday for the next 4 years. At one point in those 4 years my boyfriend decided he had found someone he liked enough and that maybe it would make his parents happy and it would make us more happy to have someone nearby that cared about us so for about a year we just talked every once in a while a friends as we saw other people but the other relationships never turned out quite right and we ended up not even trying to date anyone else after that. After 5 years I move back and we met up again. We’ve been dating ever since and I’m beyond happy that our love stuck through even when it got hard :)

  43. Mellisa July 21, 2016 at 1:50 am #

    Hey, I’m 14 and my bf is now 15. we’ve been together since 5/25/2016. we love each other a lot. but I’m not sure he wants us to be together forever. and me on the other hand want us to be married and have a future together. we haven’t talked about this much but I cant lose him at any cost. I’m madly in love with each other but I’m not what I want anymore and ideas?

  44. Carolyn July 22, 2016 at 2:16 pm #

    Hey, I met my heart at age 16 on a vacation to see my family in Dominican Republic. We were young and all thought that it would be a brief part in my life . Boy were they wrong we now have two years . And we are both currently 18. Turning 19 soon. It’s been the hardest moments of my life …. I sometimes wish I would have never went through with it. But in lying when I say it because even with all the tears , the struggles , the depression . The heartbreak … It all makes up when we see each other again .. We are in love and people , family and friends tend to get in the relationship. It’s very upsetting because know one truly knows how hard we’ve faught to be together . We wish to one day have a family and be able to settle down together but with time maybe it’ll happen .

  45. Emma July 23, 2016 at 8:15 pm #

    I finally got the chance to meet my boyfriend of a year in person last month I stayed for 2 weeks we had been introduced through some mutual friends I live in California and he in Texas we’re 1,500 miles away from each other sadly, we were 16 and best friends and now we’ll both be 18. we have a lot of disagreements because of the distance it hurts us not being able to do things other couples do and although it hurts ldr isn’t impossible if you really love someone, the heart wants what it wants don’t stress over something as temporary as distance and time just be happy and soon all the waiting would’ve been worth it! I plan on moving to Dallas next fall to begin my college courses there with him and my dream is slowly falling into place don’t give up when things get hard trust me

  46. Lis July 25, 2016 at 4:41 am #

    I know my boyfriend since two years. He lives 6 hours by train from me. We met last year in his city and it was like love at first ssight But after I left, we didn’t keep in touch with each other because of the distance until February. We started to skype again and in July he came to see me in my city. We spent the whole week together, every single moment.. sleeping together, living together, waking up with him by my side. We talked about us and we both agreed it’s worth it, so we decided the year after next year (he’s taking a gap year before college and I still have to finish high school) we are going to university together in another country. But this year I won’t live in the same city, six hours from him, but in one city 7416km far from him. He said he will come to me for my birthday in December, but in December means in 4 months.. How is it better to keep in touch? Skype? And how often?

  47. Jess July 25, 2016 at 11:51 am #

    Hey! So this is actually more of a question than it is my story, but I’m almost desperate to get a response, so I thought I’d post my question here.

    I’m thinking of asking someone out long distance. We’ve never actually met but I do know for a fact this person I’m talking to is who they say they are. I’ve had him do ridiculous things on camera and send some silly pictures that would be impossible to fabricate. I adore this guy and I think he’s taken a liking to me as well, but I was wondering if the way I was planning on asking him to be my boyfriend seemed kinda..iffy..
    So what I’ve been doing, is since I started developing feelings for this guy (Let’s call him A), I’ve made a Gmail account where I would send little letters, pictures, snippets of conversations and little moments we shared like that to the same e-mail account as sort of an e-diary sort of thing. I was thinking that maybe I could send A the password to this email and have him look through it..? They aren’t horrible deep and dark secrets either, just little messages like “07-29-16, It was so fun talking to you today! We shared (yadda yadda) Thank you for such a great day A :)” But another side of me is screaming that all of this might be a little much and come across as stalker-ish.. What are your thoughts? I’d really appreciate some input on the situation.

    Thank you all kindly!

  48. Sierra July 26, 2016 at 5:16 am #

    Hi! Me and my boyfriend are both 14 and we’ve been together for 5 months and some change {Nearly half a year!} We love eachother more and more with each passing day…but soon… On the 29th of July… He’ll be moving to Tennessee. 10 hours, 700 miles away. For 4 years…or the first chance he can come back for me and start our life together. We’re going to continue dating because we plan on having a future together. Unlike most guys, he wants the same exact thing I do: to stay together FOREVER! I really feel like we can pull through this… But I’d like to know one thing : How do I fix this unfixable heart ache?

  49. Stephanie July 30, 2016 at 9:05 am #

    I think the little gestures make a big difference in helping long distance relationships work. When my boyfriend and I are apart, we will use HugBot app to send silly messages to each other. <3 Stephanie

  50. Vanessa August 1, 2016 at 1:03 am #

    My bf and I have been dating for two years.

    He has been great. We were friends first and he tried persistently for months to get with me.

    Our relationship has had its ups and downs. We’ve had disagreements, but have always overcome them.

    We are even making do with a long distance relationship. He moved to NYC a year into our relationship (so a year ago now). He is there temporarily for work and will return in a year and a half. We’re making it work. He is super attentive and caring. We FaceTime every week and text each other throughout the day, everyday. Three time zones apart, he texts me when I wake and when he goes to sleep (and so much in between). Plus, he visits five times a year for weeks at a time. I can visit sometimes too, but him more since work pays for some of the trips.

    My problem is when he visits…

    It seems like he doesn’t want to introduce me to his friends. I could understand when we were physically together–he was busy with work and family that he didn’t hang out with his boys much. Also, there were times when he did invite me, but I wasn’t feeling well or couldn’t make it. Since moving away, it seems he isn’t keen on making the introduction. He makes time to see them, but couldn’t he make life easier for himself if he got us all together when he visits instead of keeping us separate?

    He is visiting now and has been here a few days (and has a week and a half more to go). He came for my birthday. I got paranoid when he said he was hanging with his buddies one night. No secrets–he told me and let me know, but I guess I drew bad memories from the past along with nagging insecurities about not meeting them. I snapped at him. Quite out of the blue, I said I was going to hang out with a dear friend who was visiting. Would’ve loved for them to meet, but “we’re not good at meeting each other’s people,” is what I told him. He was surprised at this and a bit hurt. I then apologized. I guess I resent him for not sharing that part of his life with me. I have brought this up before and expressed it would be nice if I met them. It just gets pushed under the rug. Before he could progress with his visit, I let bad memories of our past cut off potentially good memories from happening. He’s still mad at me and I am giving him space.

    It’s a frustrating cycle–he doesn’t include me enough in his life to introduce me to his friends, which triggers negative reactions from me. Yet, he doesn’t seem to fully understand why I feel the way I do.

    Strange thing is I know his bf and his sis knows about me.

    He does make time for me when he visits–we go on dates, we have our time alone. But I am just wondering why I never met his buddies.

    I know before he moved away, he was hesitant about the distance, but he had proven in words and actions that he wants me. He has even brought up the prospect of me moving with him for the remainder of his assignment.

    I wonder–why does he even keep me around if I can’t fully integrate into his life?

    I don’t think he’s cheating. I don’t want to believe that.

    The man has had a rough love life, btw, with a two year marriage ending (12 years ago) because she cheated and a string of failed relationships thereafter. So, he has his baggage.

    What could he possibly be hiding?! Why is he not fully committing?

  51. Roma August 1, 2016 at 5:57 am #

    Hi… I’ve been a LDR for just a little over 2 years now (on and off). He is from Denmark and I am from England. I met him through omegle because we both had the common interest of ‘league of legends’ which is a video game. It might sound a bit cliche or cringy but when I saw him he gave this smile that lit up my whole world. I was 15 at the time and was going through a pretty rough time in my life…you see I live with my grandparents who are strict Muslims and I am an ex-Muslim, this is a big problem in my life as I’m not free to do anything. So after we spoke, we spoke non stop on Skype for a whole week, I felt alive and like I had a purpose. As I am/used to be a Nihilist life wasn’t the greatest for me, he gave me ambition. He loved physics and was so passionate about it, his eyes would light up whenever he spoke about it, I wanted to be able to understand him and make him happy but before I felt I ever had the chance to he vanished out of my life without saying a word. It turned out that he wasn’t able to handle being in a LDR but still loved me very much, fast forward 3-4 very depressing and lonely dangerous months and he came back, my world felt like it had been restored and all the suicidal thoughts went away, but I was constantly afraid, afraid he would leave me so I tried my hardest to be everything I envisioned he thought as perfect which was stupid, I should have just been myself but it got to the point where I couldn’t handle being so fake and him not speaking to me regularly (he’d disappear for weeks on end) so I decided to leave, WHICH WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES I EVER MADE. He messaged me for several months and I ignored them all I was so pathetic. I ended up talking to a man much older than I who was the complete opposite of the boy of my dreams, it was the worst thing I ever did. I NEVER FORGOT HIM, not a single day went past that I didn’t think about him, that I didn’t wish that it was him I was talking to and not this man. I used that man. I feel so disgusting, I knew he loved me and I knew I didn’t love anything about him, I lied to everyone around me saying I did when in reality all I wanted was him. I finally stopped lying to myself 9 months ago where I had told that man that I didn’t love him and that o had always loved my wonderful Danish boy. He understood and I messaged him as soon as I could, he came back to me. IT FELT WONDERFUL TO BREATHE. We met 3 months after that for the first time and it was amazing, I’d never felt like someone was so perfect for me. It was like I had no insecurities no nothing , he made me feel beautiful. But after he left he got very very upset and everytime we would Skype (daily) he would cry just looking at me, I felt so indescribable, all I want is for him to be happy. It took him some time to get over it but it happened faster than I thought it would, fast forward a month to my birthday. HE SURPRISED ME AND CAME TO VISIT ME. It was the best moment of my life. Seeing his face makes everything better. He however had to leave the day after which made things very sad but I was so happy I am still so happy. He’s all I’ve ever wanted. So he went back and the same thing as when he first met me happened, I try my best to stay strong for him. I wish that he’d have more faith in our relationship. Fast forward to April, I finally saved up enough money to buy tickets to visit him in Denmark. My family aren’t rich and I have quite a lot of financial issues but I did everything I could to be able to. THEY WERE BOUGHT I WAS GOING IN JULY TO SEE HIM. Because my grandparents are strict I had to beg my mother (whom I don’t live with) to lie for me for the week while I was going. I did everything I could for him. Things were going well for us, he was smiling regularly and my life felt perfect in that moment however a month before I was going there we seemed to be arguing more and questioning our relationship. I hate that. I love him and I want everything to make this work. It’s been a week since I went to visit him and yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life, the same thing as when I first met him happened, he cries whenever he looks at me, he hasn’t smile since, I barely get many words out of him. I’m so worried. He told me yesterday that he couldn’t handle it and that he wants to leave me. MY WORLD AND HEART HAD BROKEN. I love him more than anything and I can’t live without him. I begged him to not leave and I think he listened but now I’m so afraid that anything I do could make him leave me. I’m not in a financial position to see him for the next 3-4 months at least and it just feels like he’s falling out of love with me, I’m very scared. I need him. Help would be appreciated thank you

  52. Vianey Moore August 2, 2016 at 5:35 am #

    Hello!(: my names Vivi, I’ve been wanting to share this story for a very long time. I’ve been in two long distance relationships, back to back, one actually involves getting married. So to give a background, I dated my ex since I was 15, our date was 7/15/12; sadly he broke my heart, because he cheating on me for 2years out of 3 and he was being manipulating and lied all the time saying he broke up with her and that she was lying when he was not being truthful. He lived in Ohio while we lived in California, yes I saw ‘we’ because he cheated on me with a girl that lived an hour and a half from me; we both played into his little game (he actually told me he loved me and he loved her) which just broke everything with me. Me and him had so much history that it was all just a punch to the face to me. (btw it was multiple girls but we were the main girls he was in love with) So it’s December of 2014 and I give him a chance to prove he’s changed and I’m just not into him but he’s begging me so I’m just like “do your thang” so whatever, I know I’m not going to want him back because I was just so tired, it took him this much to realize I just knew it wouldn’t work, so I’m on this website called “meetme”, it use to be called Myyearbook, which personally is when it was poppin, I always used it as to meet friends because I’ve had it since I was in the 7th grade, I treated it like MySpace/Facebook. I’d delete it and get it back again because I wouldn’t want it or didn’t find it interesting anymore, so anyway I had an account and it was just a site for me to go to when I needed to vent. I would post whatever status I wanted to on how I felt, or just post pictures, etc. I never replied to anyone because I wasn’t looking and I didn’t find anyone attractive on there really, it was rare, so it’s the beginning of January, and it’s January 4th, I’m scrolling through the timeline and I see this girl ask this guy a question, and so she was all flirty and I was like “let me see what he’s about” so I go on his profile and look at his pictures and I’m just thinking he looks alright, and so I go ahead and ask him a question, I didn’t want to be flirty, I wanted to catch his eye
    so I ask this question, “Hey, we should model together” and he replies with something flirtatious and says “no that’s all you”, so we start a conversation on the comments and he tells me to message him, so I didn’t I was playing hard to get, so after that I seen that he viewed my profile more than once! So now it’s past 12AM at this point, now it’s Jan 5 2015 and I receive a message and it’s him ? sounds corny but I knew from messaging each other that he was mine. He lived 6hrs away from me, he lives in Victorville, Ca and I lived in Modesto, Ca. (Mind you we are both 17yrs old) We ended up going on with the relationship, every night we’d both go to sleep on the phone together, talk all night, he’d call me in the morning before I went to school, we’d have skype dates and watch movies together it was cute
    (he graduated 2014) by this time it’s April, me and him made plans to finally see each other! But his mom declines. I guess he got so fed up that he didn’t think he’d handle this so he actually broke up with me a day before my birthday, that night we got back together! June rolls around and by this time I saved up my birthday money and my graduation money, I buy my ticket to go see him through Amtrack and head over there June 12 2015, I finally meet the love of my life Long Distance Relationship was definitely hard on both of us, me and him would both take Amtrak to see each other every month until October came, we went on a break and he was off to Basic Training for the military, he was gone for 2months! In December 2015 he called me up and asked me if I’d marry him, and of course I said yes! He came down for Christmas to see me one last time before he goes off to Tech School for another 2 months!! when he did go to tech school he was very off, kinda being different, he’d say he didn’t want to be with me then he would, it was just hard on us because we couldn’t see each other physically. We ended up happily married ,I become Mrs. Moore! And we move to Alaska It was and is not an easy going experience but it was by far the best experience, never give up is the key. If you do want more advice just email me @ I will defineltly get back to you quick, I can give you really good advice on a heartbreak point of view and how to get over it and also just a LDR. Please email me you’re stories I just think LDR stories are the best!(:

  53. Alyssa August 3, 2016 at 2:50 pm #

    I live in Canada and my boyfriend lives in The Netherlands. We have been together for a year and a half now. I’m 21 and he’s 20 (8 months gap). My friends met him on an online community called Tinychat a year or two before I did. By the time my friends finally convinced me to join their Tinychat room to meet new people some time after my last relationship (which was also LDR), my boyfriend didn’t really go on the chatroom anymore. However, one day in December 2014, I was on broadcast and he happened to be there, and he eventually got my attention. It was a chatroom full of Filipinos and he was the famous white guy so everyone knew him except for me. He added me on facebook and then on snapchat where he asked for my number. We started FaceTiming for hours everyday without any commitments or not knowing if we like each other. We both weren’t looking for a relationship back then and we were both talking to other people as well until things got serious and we started to fall for each other. We haven’t started talking since the day we first did. He asked for permission to be my boyfriend from my strict parents. My parents agreed but I told him to wait until I was ready. January 10, 2015, I gave him my “yes” and I couldn’t be any more happier since that day. August 2015, he came to Canada for 6 weeks to meet me. There was never an awkward moment from the first time we saw each other in person and it seemed like we’ve known each other for years. He stayed at my house and it wasn’t easy knowing that my parents are strict and religious. There were misunderstandings and a lot of fights because of the differences in culture, beliefs and religion but I fought for him. When he went back home, I thought it would be the end of us because of the things he went through because of me, but he stayed with me and we only got stronger. I went to Holland to spend New Year 2016 with him and his family. His parents, big sister and little brother as well as his grandmas and friends are the sweetest people ever! I went back to Canada after 3 weeks because I had to go back to school. Time heals as my parents started to accept him again when they realized that he makes me happy. I went back to Holland for 7 weeks and I just got back to Toronto yesterday. I am teary-eyed as I am writing this as I suffer from separation anxiety so terribly. I could say that our relationship is so much more stronger and we have gotten so much closer and more in love than ever. He loves me for who I am and accepts all my flaws. With him, I don’t have to pretend to be someone he wants me to be and he makes me feel so comfortable no matter what I do. He loves all the little things, even the ones I hate about myself. We both have grown throughout our 1.5 year together. He always tells me how I made him a better person as well and makes me feel that he loves me everyday. It is not perfect, we have our ups and downs but we never resolved it with breaking up. We always talk when something is wrong and avoid to let each other go to sleep upset. It breaks our hearts everytime we have to separate but we put in mind that the next time we see each other, it will be worth it. Now, I just have to finish my last year in university so we can finally move in together next summer. I’m so grateful for him because it is not easy to love a person miles away and to wait for her for 2.5 years, now just 1 year left. He is coming to Toronto in January to celebrate our 2 years, and if my school schedule forbids me, I can come visit him this October as well. To everyone who is in LDR, yes it is not easy and it takes a lot of work and commitment, as you probably know already, but with the right person, it is soooo worth it! I am lucky to have such a great person in my life. I’ve been in another LDR before him but my present relationship is very different. He is my travel buddy, my bestfriend, my rock, my inspiration, my pain in the ass, my soulmate – all rolled into one. I could go on and on about it but I’m ending it here. Team LDR, keep fighting!!!

  54. Jason August 9, 2016 at 1:48 am #

    I met a girl. Not just any girl. And after 5 months,here I find myself, 500km away from her. My story is a pretty unique one, a beautiful one at that. You know when you meet someone and instead of nerves, sweaty hands and elevated heart rate, there exists just peace? I’m 23 and a hopeless romantic. My heart is the biggest part of me; I feel deeply and love even deeper.

    Unfortunately my past is riddled with fragmented pieces of a broken heart. Maybe I’ve always been slightly insecure but I’ve seen it all. So with this in mind, my mind plays tricks on me and develops these stories because we are so far apart. The thing is, I have not been given any reason to mistrust this girl. Damn, this isn’t easy but I know it will be worth it in the end. And whilst I battle through the downs of an LDR I would like to thank you for all of what you say in this article. Too often people bash LDRs and attain negative perceptions. Your words bring positivity to situations like this and give hope. And what is life without hope?

    Thank you

  55. The Bear August 13, 2016 at 1:31 am #

    Well, there seems to be a lot of mixed stories, some horrible losses, whilst others seem to be going amazing! And, now it’s time for me to share my experience.

    December 2010, I met a girl who happened to have a mutual friend! We met on a chat site, known as, Habbo Hotel. I was thirteen, and she was fifteen at the time. I happened to have a little crush on her best friend, who had been a friend of mine a year prior to our meeting, but it was only because she showed me the affection that I wanted.

    Within weeks of meeting this girl, I started having feelings for her, but she seemed happy with other guys, so, I became her best friend, and her shoulder to lean on. I never cared about how much it hurt me to see her hurt by guys, I was always there to comfort her. The girl I crushed on previously mentioned that the guy she loved at the time was cheating on her. I had never shied away from telling someone that their partner was cheating, but I just couldn’t tell her, I knew it would wreck her. She soon found out about the guy, and came to me for comfort. I was foolish enough to tell her to follow her heart because she deserves happiness. But, that broke her more.

    As half a year went by, she started flirting back with me, and would continuously tell me she loved me. The Summer came, and I went on Holiday for two weeks in Wales, since I live in Manchester, England. We texted every day, I did my usual morning and night texts to her, and one day she replied saying ‘date me?’ I was sixteen now, we had been years for 2 and a half years, so I knew I had to test the waters to see if she was joking or not. She admits her feelings to me, telling me she’d be happy to just have me in her life if I didn’t feel the same. For the rest of my Holiday, we counted down until I got home, and I asked her to be mine.

    It’s been three years on, and we’ve pulled through a lot of rubbish. Yet, I’ve broken her last week by talking to someone she hates behind her back because I was friends with the person for eight years. We’re only just pulling through this turmoil, which seems to be escalating due to family and work matters.

    She lives right down South on the Isle of Wight, so, it’s not that far between us, but we’ve never met due to financial matters. I’m just afraid that the whole situation of her finding out I spoke to the friend she hates has changed her views on me. I’ve lost her six times before but all were little moments of her worrying I’d leave her first. I always chase after her since I’m still in love with her. Now, I’m doubting she feels the same.

  56. Katinka August 15, 2016 at 3:10 am #

    I think the great thing about all this is that we’re all desperately in love somehow, with someone. Hopeless romantics.

    I’m moving to Canada to finish my last 2 years of school, my family are immigrating and I don’t have much choice. At first I was really happy to be moving. But… I foolishly started talking and hanging out with this guy… At first it was just fun! Fast forward 2 months and we’ve both fallen head over heals.

    I didn’t want a long distance relationship at first. Everyone says the same thing; ‘they don’t work’. After I saw him for the last time for 2 years, I couldn’t imagine never holding his hand, having him hug me or kiss me ever again. But I thought it would be harder to stay in touch, and to watch both of us slowly drift away from one another.

    I went into depression for about a week. I couldn’t sleep, or eat, it felt like so much effort to lift my head. I guess this would all be okay if one of us fell out of love for the other because then, then you could hate the person for breaking you. Instead all I can feel is heartbreak… I’ve broken his heart by leaving and mine in the process.

    After this week he calls me. He says that we’ve got to try something, anything, cause he loves me and can’t let me go. So he has the idea, that we stay in a realationship, we talk everyday (he’s worked out the time difference) send each other letters in the mail; until one of us falls out of love with the other. I’m just scared I can’t do it. I love him. But… Moving to Canada was a new start, and I’m not sure if saying with him will break me, me save me.

  57. Vincent August 15, 2016 at 10:21 pm #

    I met my girlfriend last year, through my best friend who had been friends with her for years, at first, things were fine and there wasn’t as rocky and bumpy because she tolerated with me, and all those chances she gave me I stupidly thrown away just because I couldn’t change my habits (She hated me talking to girls and I told her I would change) over the past few months.

    We’ve been together for 8 months, but we only saw each other once on our second month together in February, needless to say over the course of 8 months it has come to the point where her tolerance for me has lowered with what I’ve done, she is loyal to me and she did change her ways to prevent me for hurting, and I can’t say how much I appreciate that.

    I’m only 18 and she’s 17 and she’s the first who I also hoped to be the last, we made plans of living together, marriage, wanting to have 2 kids even a son named Jason (Sounds naive, but it’s our hearts desires) and we are both pulling through our education lives.

    Recently I made her pissed again and now she’s starting to think whether I’m the right person for her and if we really can be together as we hoped, I really do love her and she’s the one I want to proudly introduce to my parents, we haven’t had something this serious and I admit I’m the one at fault here, but without her here it’s close to impossible for me actually turn into a complete female hater for her sake. I really do want to keep her and I do want to change…

  58. Rose August 20, 2016 at 11:22 pm #

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years this September. We met junior year of high school and started dating shortly after. Our relationship has been full of ups and downs of course but we are meant to be. My boyfriend was very popular in high school. I moved at the end of my sophomore year to his high school and didn’t know anybody. He had tons of friends because he played football. I didn’t participate in any school activities besides mock trial. After graduating it was apparent he was going away to play football four hours away and I was staying in our town going to community college. Every year he has to leave way earlier then when school starts because he has football camp. During football camp his schedule is packed so tight there is no room really for much conversation. This doesn’t really bother me because I know he’s busy and I have his schedule saved. This will be our third year of long distance. We have grown as a couple and I am happy that he is all mine. I find it tough sometimes when I’m thinking of him or I miss him. Tonight we texted for a few minutes and he sent me a picture of himself. His beard was long, his hair was long and it felt like I was looking at a different person. Everything came rushing to me at once. I started to cry thinking about how hard this is but how much it will be worth it in the end. I am very lonely, I do not have many friends, I work a very difficult job while being only 20. And struggle with long distance. I do see him when I can during the year but long distance is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

  59. Anne G August 27, 2016 at 10:29 am #

    Hi, I’m Ann. Im 30 yrs old when i started to have a long distance relationship with a 49 yrs. Old divorced man with 3 kids ages 18, 20, 22 when I met him in a dating site way back Dec.2014. He is living at New York and I am in Philippines. At first we chatted then sent emails and eventually go on skype. He doesn’t have any account in other social website like facebook so I can view more of his profile and see who are his close friends and family as well. As time pass by we decided to use Viber as way of communication daily. I can use the video but he says that he doesnt have any option of a video in his Viber..kinda weird..but i still keep on believing him..may its depends on the signal..we talked about serious topics like if he wants to settle down soon and also the most basic ones like what are those we likes and dislikes, some family stories and experiences and personalities. He has was been in a traumatic past years before we found in the daing wesite, his mom/grandmother and twin sisters dies in a car accident all at the same time..after that his ex wife leave him but i dont know exactly whats the reason about it may be because their family face a financial crisis after the death of his family member and he ad his father are only left. Then after thay his father married a self centered materislistic widow woman. I fully understand his status and i keep on understanding him and do my best to make him feel that I am willing to love him and be here for him even I know it will be tough for both of us to face everything away from each other and even we didnt yet met in person I already trusted him a lot. On Jan.2015 i became sick and he actually send me money for me to be able to go see a doctor even i dont ask him to do so because its awkward since we just met on dating website..he also send money as a birthday gift to me on March 2015. He planned to go here to meet me on April 2015 but it didnt happen because his boss didnt approved his leave..then planned it by July 2015 because but still it didnt happend his savings is not enough to buy a plane ticket..then he said to me he will already be finished the last child support for his youngest kid by Sept 2015 and then he is sure that he can save more for his plan for us. He surprise me on Aug.2015 that he finally get a plane ticket for last week of Sept. 2015 to go here but when Sept. came, He suddenly needs not to go and meet since he said he received some kind of a letter that he already had a big debt not paying their house property tax and he needs to refund the money that he paid for the ticket so he can pay the tax even not in full but at least the house will be saved and not be taken away from them..and he also found out that he has a disease that came from ticks that he might got from outdoor activities and doctor advised him not to travel for the meantime and he needs to go to the hospital daily to have an injectable antibiotics that he needs so he can be cured..but After two weeks of lettingme know about that he cant go here and meet me, he inform me that he needs a vacation and his uncle invited him to go out of city by last week of Sept. and have a week vacation near the shore..this made me confused again..but i told him ok may be he needs space and time to relax unwind after the stressful and anxiety is going on to his we dont have communication in a week because he said there is no signal on the place that he will be going..after that when he finally came home he message me and said he miss me and he loves me so much and he cant live w/o me..he wants to be with me for the rest of his life..he is sure about his feelings..we actually lots of common likes and we feel like we are soulmates..then months pass again, we didnt go on skype as often before, but we always communicate thru viber..i always send him pictures daily and i see to it that i have surprises to him like sending him a airmail letter and gifts. on february i open up to him this question last Feb.2016 if he is still has a plan to go here and meet me? He told me he will come here on last quarter of this year. Then i ask him again last June the same question, he said sorry he cant afford for now since he just discovered that one of his son is using a heroin and ne needs to pay a health worker and rehab his son and his youngest child request him to continue support her to her I told him ok I still understand his status as a father..even it hurts deep inside of me..but because i love him and i need to embrace everything about him out of still, he will not go here because of those reasons..i told him how long should we both need to wait for us to meet and be together? He told me to just hold on and everything will be soon ok..just trust God..and he didnt want to happen those things to his i told him: Ok, pls focus on your kids first and i dont want to be selfish for you. I dont want your kids think that im separating you from them.i want them to always think that you are agood father to them and i wish they will admire you too…
    But im confused, is he really serious about me?
    Hope somebody can advise me here…

  60. Anne G August 30, 2016 at 4:31 am #

    Im good now.. me and him almost broke up the other day…but we figure it out how to survive..just hold on and have faith to both of us and especially to God…and just held on each others promises of love…even there is no sureness if we will meet soon or be together soon, because of love we need to have hope and faith that everything will be ok soon…if we will survive of having a LDR, what more if we are already together facing every trials together..I know we will survive..
    Looking forward to what future will bring next..

  61. sillymei September 12, 2016 at 4:58 am #

    Oh so, hello. I don’t know how to start. Well, I met him 9months ago, it was like ‘fate’s day’ in my country. It means that whatever happens on that day or whoever u meet will be there for u forever. So i met him in a game called IMVU. Our mutual friend wanted us to know each other. He’s 16 (I’m 15) At first talking with him felt awkward. I didn’t know what to say because i was too shy back then. We were talking everyday, we even talked about our secrets and childhood things that nobody knew about us. That was the time when i first realized that i had feelings for him. This was after two weeks of meeting him. I decided to tell about this our ‘friend’. And do u know what she did? She confessed to him next day. He rejected her and cause of that she said that she was joking. I didn’t know if i should’ve kept being friends with her. But if i didn’t then i wouldn’t be able to talk to him. So i didn’t say anything. That girl was always so jealous of me. Cause people would talk to me more and i was more known there. So she was talking behind my back. I ignored that. I didn’t say anything about that also. And like this 3months went by. It was April 29th. He was at his grandparent’s and he texted me on my phone. When i woke up and read it i was just so confused. We often joked about being together as if i was Juliet and he was Romeo and we loved each other. So when he confessed to me it was a bit different from what we used to joke about. I didn’t know what i should have answered. And i texted him the stupudest thing. ‘truth or dare, right?’ I was so mad because i thought he was kidding and i loved him. So in the end we somehow did it xD We usually don’t fight. But it got serious in the middle of July. I had a friend (boy). He was playing that game with us, he was like my brother. My boyfriend didn’t like him from the start but he didn’t say anything because that boy was my best friend. But he said really bad things to me. My boyfriend was drunk that day and that made things worse. My friend invited me in a room (i mean in the game) And told me that he had dream about me that i raped him and things like this. I felt really insulted. I didn’t know if i should have told my bf about this. But i knew that i’d have to talk about this later and he’d get super mad. so i told him that my friend had some weird dreams about me. He was really mad. Thanks god he wasn’t in the same city as my friend. He’d definitely kill him. I was so scared. It was the worst day in my life. I thought it’d be end of our relationship. But no. He loves me. He really does. Our main problem is age. Well it is distance aldo but we don’t live that far away from each other. Only 300miles. Travel takes 4hour i guess. Our family membrs know about us and i’m happy because of that. I know that i won’t fall in love with anyone but him. I just wont be able to forget about him. And i hope i won’t have to. He’s the only one i wanna spend my whole lifetime with, i just want him to be the only one who’ll stay by my side forever. And i’ll do my best for it.

  62. Gloria September 18, 2016 at 4:10 am #

    Hey everyone…….. i just involved into a relationships. And it is the first time falling in my life and also my guy…….after a long long time later Almighty Allah just gave me such blessings sending him in my life….we have such similarities that is undoubtedly different than others.we used to laugh how such huge huge similarities we both have……..He is my soulmate……..i just love him…….he also loves me……..its not possible to describe about his sweetness attitude in some sentences..yes now feeling great to get birth in this world…….coz if i could not get birth i never get such persons in my life……….enjoying a lot what feelings we are realizing being long distance…because he lives in Australia and i am in other country…….Hoping all will pray for us… that very soon we will be involved in marriage………and always being swimming such a loving tremendously caring rivers where happiness showers on us all the time…………..

  63. Timo Wright September 20, 2016 at 8:10 am #


    We working on an art project in Finland and trying to find couples in long-distance relationship using Skype (or other video platforms). The end result will be a set of portraits, as well as a experimental short documentary.

    Here are some portraits of the couples photographed so far:

    For details:

    Great if you can help!

  64. Maria September 21, 2016 at 12:03 am #

    Well we met in chat. At firts we were just friends, but the more we talked the more we more like each other. That was a year and 9 months ago.
    I really love him and I know he loves me too, but, there is always a but, I don’t know when he can finally be together.
    I have days when I think that maybe our lives would be better if we end. I know it a stupid and weak thing to say, but this last months are killing me. The last time we here together was in May, and we don’t know when it would happen again .
    I am really sad and starting to lose hope that someday we could be together.

  65. Micah September 25, 2016 at 10:51 pm #

    Hi I’m Micah from Philippines, 21 years of age My boyfriend lives in Texas there are still some thing keeps bugging me which is our age gap he was just 16 years old turning 17 this coming october, I just came up here to share the beginning of our story dealing with LDR, I met him online callled *Kik messenger “Chatlog” * I don’t like being bored at home so I posted my picture on Chatlog, then in a minutes someone kik me on my account then we became friends there, He said ” Hey” So i respond then we started chatting there he seems so nice and yes he has the good look like every girls will fall for him because of his face even to his attitude then sometimes I ask him If he has a I.g so he followed me there ofc I follow him back then he ask me If I’m single then I said”IAM single for almost 5months” Then he said ” His single too” I started to look some pics he posting on I.G I found out that he really likes funny memes, and he has a lot of pictures there which is he look very funny with it he has a lot followers he’s really close with girls, I do not remember who asked us who have snapchat then he already snap me, so we move on snapchat for a talk and we actually talking there like every day and night, Then he took me by suprise of asking ” Look will you go out with me” I can’t say that I’m easy to get, Because he told me that he really likes me since we met there in kik messenger. I’m pretty hesitate If I’m going to say ” I might get hurt again I don’t wanna be broke again I tried to push him away and telling him you’re too far you’re parents will not like me because I’m too old for you” he frown of what am I saying he just said to me ” They’ll like you as long as I’m happy” then *I hold my breath* I said the word ” YEAY, YES” I will be you’re girlfriend. 09/24/16 We are official as a GF/BF in Ldr * Btw guys sorry for my bad grammar I’m not really good in english :( * I like him too but not that much because I have trust issue, It’s a real quick we already Falling inlove to each other he always telling ” I love you so much baby” and I always respond ” I love you too” That’s it for now, I just want you guys to be one of our witnesses to Our Ldr Story..
    -Follow me on I.g @thisismeyyca I followed back thank u guys

  66. Jessica September 30, 2016 at 9:20 am #

    My Long Distance relationship is kind of stressing. But I hope I can inspire also tips will work out for me thanks! So I’m a Junior in high school. Met my significant other when I was 12 on this fan account. At first we were alright. He was my friend and I was his. We would on occasions talk but not much. It took us about a month of that “just friends” stage. Then we realized we spoke more together until many months came when we realized that we spoke to each other almost 24/7. Okay like about 15/7. That’s still a lot! Anyways, it was finally until May 20, 2015 he asked me to be his. Notice we have never met in person! But we FaceTime, text, all the time. I can’t imagine a life without him. But here’s the problem. At least my parents do not approve. reason being is because he is atheist when I’m a catholic. Religion shouldn’t be a reason why I can’t be with him. We understand the situation and he told me once that when he turned 18 he would earn as much money to go to USA and see me. Oh! That was the detail I forgot. He also lives in Poland. I love him more than i have ever loved any other man. I hope we get a happy ending.

  67. Melissa September 30, 2016 at 6:43 pm #

    I met my boyfriend online about a year and 8 months ago, we met in person after around 2 months of speaking. We live 250 miles away, I have to say meeting for the first time was the best feeling ever, after speaking for so long not being able to see each other it was amazing, we’ve now been together nearly a year and a half. People say LDR’S don’t work. What do they know? The people that say that have obviously never fell in love with someone who lives so far away, haters will hate. My boyfriend is my bestfriend and my soulmate! You need to give it your all, I saw another story that said it’s not about how many times you or your partner go to one another’s houses, it’s about how much you love eachother, spending time with your loved one is the best, you need to be dedicated to your relationship and you need to fight, because everyday is hard being away from that one person you love but you deal with it because you can’t imagine life without them, my LDR is my life now,until we live together when our life really starts, but it has honestly changed my life and I couldnt be happier! Anyone who’s thinking of giving up, yes it’s hard now but it is worth it every single day that you see them smile, that you hear there laugh, hearing there voice in person! We are all so strong. LDR is all of our lives.
    And remember you aren’t alone, it is getting so common now!
    Sorry I’ve went on but I need to share ??

  68. Gabor F September 30, 2016 at 7:04 pm #

    Hi, I’m Gabor! My tip to keep alive an LDR, is to find goals together and don’t be afraid to make steps forward. I did it , like this ;

  69. Bella October 18, 2016 at 7:36 pm #

    I went to my father’s in summer 2013 and met my soulmate, i had to go back to my country, we had an on and off relationship but i never believed he cared about me. But i was madly in love with him, end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 my parfnts got together again and decided to move to the country where my father lives. And few months later we did, since then we had so many peoblems and fights( now he is my neighbour) he was very disrespectful many times and now we are slowly fuxing our problems but we have a long way to go. No distance doesn’t mean happy relationship! L&U

  70. Acevedo Rio tuma November 3, 2016 at 9:21 am #

    I am Acevedo tuma I met Yoania Rivero online and we love each other so much even if we get mad at each other we resolve it and I want to marry her to make her my wife and have kids with her

  71. Bee November 8, 2016 at 10:23 am #

    Hi my name is Bee. I’m in a long distance relationship for a year now. I meet my partner in 2012 in the same town then he had to move to Capetown because of work in 2015 and I’m in Johannesburg. My problem is when I want to go and visit him he tells me that where he is renting they don’t allow visitors but still he is not even willing to move out of that place and go somewhere where they do allow visitors. And for him to come back
    I must shout, scream at him then he will come and be with me for two days then he goes back. My problem is now he is telling me that where he is staying he signed a contract which is expiring this year December but still he want to renew it so that he all be still staying there. He only came back twice since he went there. I don’t know what to do . what to think after I have done it all I was suppose to do please help me

  72. Zaii November 9, 2016 at 5:58 pm #

    I have a LDR. We’ve met in a online game. He’s from Colombia and I’m from Argentina. I was hurt because of my ex. I found him with another girl. Months pass by and I was still hurt until I met this guy. I remember each word we said. I was complaining about the weather, It was freezing and I said: “I’m cold”. He laughed and answer: “Nothing that a hug can’t repair”. He sounded so calm and sweet. The next days we kept talking. I told him about my ex and was very comprehensive. Day by day something started to grow inside my heart. I was not feeling alone any more. He stayed next to me. His laugh and way of speaking calmly made me fall in love with him. But the day we decided to see each other in SKYPE I was like: “OMG, I’m going to see him! Will he like me?” I fell in love with him with out knowing how he looked lke, but what about him? He called. I answered. I saw him. He saw me. It was the most perfect moment in my life. He started to smile. I fell for his smile. After many calls we decided to start a relationship. Since then we still together. On November, Sunday 20th, we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary. I hope one day I could visit him. If Only…
    Sorry if my english’s horrible :c I just needed to tell someone who believes in this relations like me

  73. Grey November 18, 2016 at 2:37 pm #

    I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a person who lives overseas, hours and hours away from me. I’m from Ohio, and he lives in Holland, in the Netherlands. We’ve been dating for a few months, and want to make things work.
    We’re both very serious with our schooling and making sure we have as much time together as we can have.
    This all sounds lovely, but the kicker is, I’m seventeen. As soon as people realize this, I feel like they immediately tune out, and assume that our relationship will end soon, and that we’re too young to be thinking about a future.
    However, we both came from a rough family background, and we share the same goal. We want to create lives for ourselves distanced from our struggles at home, and I personally have found a lot of comfort and love in him and our relationship.
    Between my age, the distance, and the fact that yes, though we spend hours and hours together, those hours only add to a few months, I feel that I have a significantly small amount of support around me. And I truly feel defeated when we run into issues, (We ran into a rather large one recently) because everyone expects me to just immediately break up with him. I’m told that the distance won’t work, that I’m too young to be serious, (though I’m not too young to be starting college a year early, as I will be doing next year) and I sincerely feel down when I sit back and look at all of this.
    Does anyone have any advice?

  74. Eros November 22, 2016 at 10:42 am #

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost a year but I’m about to give up, I think my boyfriend will never understand how hard is for me to have him away when I’m living in Venezuela, the most dangerous country in the world and one of the most dangerous. I told him I wanted to go with him to London but he kept repeating that I had to wait a bit longer, now I have no job, no money, no house and I’m kinda ill and of course I cannot find the medicines. We haven’t speak in four days and he just told me “I need to find the words” because I told him I had lost faith, hope and dreams, and actually I have, this place is hell. I think he abandoned me when Im the weakest now, and I’ve always been, he will never know how awful is this hell, where I queue for hours just to buy sugar and most of the time we can’t buy food, real food. I’m devastated but he thinks I’m just weak. I think he was selfish and he thought love is something that has to go through challenges and tests. Love is about love, nothing else.

  75. Lara November 23, 2016 at 3:54 am #

    My boyfriend (let’s call him Ryan) however is nearly 18 and has finished college and is looking to go to university next year. Recently I’ve been feeling rather distant from him and have developed a what seems currently to be a serious crush on a guy (let’s call him Keaton) that is the same age as I am. I’ve just come back from camp, and it’s really made me stop and think about whether my relationship is healthy and if I jumped into it too quickly, as our relationship is/was a serious one. I’m not sure what to do, as I don’t want my boyfriend to feel hurt or betrayed if we break up but I’m also scared that Keaton might lose interest, because I get the feeling that he could be keen but I do have doubts. I spent quite some time during camp hanging out with Keaton as he’s got such a great personality but everytime we get closer (mentally) I feel a stab of guilt because I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend but I also don’t know if a distanced relationship is going to work out.

  76. Alex November 25, 2016 at 7:23 am #

    I met her in 2014 March while playing an online game. I felt like she’s an interesting person and always wanted to talk to her, but was way too shy to start the conversation. During summer I was quite busy so wasn’t playing as much. Then from September I had much more free time and my interest on that girl was still there. And one day, all of the sudden, we had a long conversation which she had started. After that we used to talk daily once in a week. She became the only person I trusted and I opened up about my worries and fears (I was always scared of people and very negative about myself). 1 year had passed and I felt like she is my best friend. She would understand how I feel and know my mood just from the first words when we talked. Also I felt a strong power dragging me into her. I did not realise what’s that and why do I always think about her, why I feel need to hug her or why I wanted to say that I love her. On November 19th 2015 I added her on facebook. She was a bit different than I had imagined. She had many many problems and my heart was breaking every time when she would say something really bad about herself. I knew it’s not true. It took one month until she felt brave enough to send me a picture of her. And when I saw her I though she is beautiful. Of course she always said the opposite. We got to know eachother better and I was finally brave enough to tell her that I love her. She thought it’s a friendly love. So did I. Until one day I realised that I had never loved any friend like that and she was so dear, so special to my heart. On January 11th 2016 I told that I’m in love with her. I don’t think she felt exactly the same about me. Later I did some things I can’t really explain. I broke up with her 4 times although the reason wasn’t really her. It was something in me that in my opinion still had to grow, learn and realise things. After May 5th everything was fine. And it is still fine. We started calling and I absolutely loved her voice. And her laughter. And her being mad sounds. Of course, we had our ups and downs, but everything worked out. I felt like she is my soulmate. And I missed her even before meeting her in real life. We met on August 19th (19th is our lucky day, because it started not a one new beginning for us). I was exremely nervous, happy and excited about meeting her. When I saw her, I froze, because I forgot how to move. After 2 secods and ran to her, hugged her, started shaking and crying from happiness. When I calmed down I whispered in her ear ‘I’m finally home’. Then we hugged again. I felt like I had known her for one million years, like I was finally where I belong. We spent 3 wonderful hours together (sadly it was just 3…). I had never felt so much happiness, peace, joy in my heart. With her I was safe and brave and all my worries went away. It was just me and her in our little magical world. And now a bit over 3 months after our meeting I miss being with her badly. Sometimes I even cry. And nowadays I feel so empty and I don’t really know why. I just know I missed my girl so badly over the last few weeks. Maybe I’m just scared that distance will separate us too. I hope I can find strength in me, because she is surely worth fighting for and I do not want to lose her cause of my insecurities.

  77. Anada November 29, 2016 at 6:34 am #

    Hea guys I really want to clarify an issue on LDR. Forget the fact that communication, trust is present and all other elements but what is missing is the the fact that the person is missing in person you won’t feel that love really because the love is on the internet . You begin to wonder what makes you unnecessaryily depressed and when u sit and question yourself you find out y U make regrets…in a LDR u seeing or meeting the person is of importance high importance I no how that really feels let me just say I never got to see my boyfriend for 3years of LDR it ruined me as hell and was really depressed my depression was on a daily basis.. I know how it really feels when you don’t get to see the person . He is in Cyprus schooling he really broke my hear with all the promises he made and we never meet. I will advise even my enemy not to be in a LDR it sucks

  78. Sophie December 2, 2016 at 5:55 pm #

    Hi, I just broke up with my two years boyfriend cause he is going to finish his carrer to another country. I wanted to try a LDR but he just said he doesn´t believe in that, he doesn´t even try. I´m heart broken. I believe if there is love distance is not a big problem, and I know so many long distance relationships work, and I want to make him see that. Any advice please?
    Ps: Sorry for any grammar mistake, my native language is Spanish.

  79. Anna December 6, 2016 at 12:47 am #

    I just came across this website and I really need an opinion on my LDR. I’ve been in a relationship with this guy who I really love. Although we have only been in a relationship for 5 months, we had an instant connection from the start. I really want to be with him and he wants to be with me. He’s 19, almost 20 and I’m 20 turning 21 in a few months. He found an apartment and he has a job. I only have 1 thing stopping me. My family. They don’t think it’s a true relationship considering that I never met him in person. Yes, it is true that I haven’t met him in person, but I have texted, called, and video chatted with him. How can I convince my family that he is a real guy and not just someone trying to catfish me? My boyfriend lives in Ohio while I live in PA

  80. Rosmery December 13, 2016 at 6:57 pm #

    Hi, I’m Rosmery and I am in a LDR. I met this guy by an online class. I’m 24 and he is 21. We started chatting and now we can’t stop. I love him so much… He wants to marry me and I want to get marry with him too. He is the lovely guy ever. We haven’t met. I met him on July 2016 but I’m so desperated. He doesn’t work cause he is finishing college so… I have to wait until he gets a job and at the same time I need to save money to visit him. I’m so much in love of him. This is crazy…

  81. Saina December 14, 2016 at 6:33 am #

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 4 years. We have been an LDR from the past 2 years..nearly i would say.. Initially, since we could see each other every day, it was a lot more fun. In a long distance relationship, you really need to communicate. It seems like the honeymoon period is over. Both of us get busy in our own lives, leaving no time for the other person. Sometimes, i get really worried..what is going to happen to this relationship if we donot talk! Even when i am busy, i manage to take out my phone every night, just to leave him texts, but mostly, his replies are one worded and really late. Both of us are still in college..i don’t think college students dont use phones!
    When we meet, the spark is back. But when we don’t, then we are like strangers. A very weird graph, i must say. May be i am over thinking things. May be he is really busy. I don’t know! Please leave a reply if you think m just over thinking things here.

  82. Amelia December 15, 2016 at 11:15 am #

    My LDR is something special. My wonderful boyfriend makes me feel loved and special and I love him with all my heart. We are both high school seniors, off to college next year. Currently I am in California and he is in Texas, and it’s really tough to schedule time together to call and facetime or whatever because of the time difference of him being two hours ahead. I know he and I have never met in person, and this is a risk in its own, but I know he’s the one for me. I trust him and care about him and know things will work out. He even tells me that he will come to my school prom so I don’t have to go alone! That’s so sweet and amazing. He wants to go to college in California so he can be with me, and I know there is hope for the future. So hold on and be strong and look forward to your time together, and you and your loved one can live happily ever after :)

  83. danille December 27, 2016 at 12:49 am #

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend Grayson for 1 year & 7 months. He is 2 years older than I am, & When I was younger I had the BIGGEST crush on him.. like in love with this kid. We had always been friends and would text a little bit here at there but one time we hung out at a friends house together and we’ve been together ever since. Well we’re in high school and he is a Senior about to graduate in the spring.. he is playing baseball in college. I don’t know what to do when he leaves for college.. do we continue to date and he wait for me for 2 years to get out of high school or do I let something go that I know is really real? I love him & I don’t want things to end.. but I feel like I’d be holding him back from the college experience

  84. namratha January 2, 2017 at 4:56 pm #

    hello my story is no different from others, met my man in FB looking for accommodation in ontario canada where in i actually couldnt make it. we started talking over phone even when i couldn make it as we were best budies now and we realized we are addicted and love each other. i was in india and he was in vancouver now. he wanted me to come down and that exciment made me reach canada. i went to visit him in vancouver but when i was there with him he had no excitment. instead his friend(roomie) showed interest where my guy did not tell any1 that we are in relation. yes i did not like it and moved back to toronto. its a year and he keeps asking me to visit him but keeping last incident in mind i dont wana go there. few weeks now he wants me to move for ever to vancouver as i completed my studies, he booked my tickets and pampers me alot over phone. he even mentioned me that he doesnt know how to express his feelings and want me to teach him. well i am preparing for it. i know its hard to be in “LDR” but the trust, feelings and love will definetly help you. we love each other a love. i realized he is my man and yes we are getting married on 29th april 2017. i am a good advisor so any help or advice i am here. just inbox me on X and it would be glad to help.

  85. dylan January 6, 2017 at 3:29 am #

    I met my girl friend when we were about 3 we were close friends at that time but my dad got a job opportunity in Australia so we moved there (where I currently live). I one day found her on Instagram so i added her and we started talking and she fell for me first. I’m only 15 and I am putting my dreams and careers on hold to save up to go live with her so we can have what we always wanted. the distance is terrible but I would do anything for her to be happy

  86. Deb January 7, 2017 at 5:39 pm #

    I’ve just found this website and I think I need some help.
    I’m italian and right now I’m living in Canada as an exchange student. Here I met an amazing guy, and of course I fell for him so badly. I have never liked someone as much as I like him and we are in a relationship right now and everything is so perfect. The problem is that I’ll go back to Italy next month and he will stay here in Canada. I’m afraid to have a long distance relationship if I have to be honest. I’m telling myself that waiting for him won’t be that bad, but I know that it will and I’m not sure I can do this. How can I handle a relationship like this? I need some advice please!

  87. Kas January 10, 2017 at 3:37 am #

    Hello everyone,
    My boyfriend and I met over one of my favorite online games and have been together for 2 years since then. We skype everyday and when we arent on skype text each other as much as possible. I’ve recently become very upset over the fact that we have only visited each other once since being together and most likely wont see each other again for another 2-3 years. My boyfriend will be transferring colleges and living on campus so money will be tight for him and already is for us. I just don’t know if I can wait another 2 or 3 years just to see him again… The distance between us is getting to me a lot lately and even more so knowing i’m going to have to put my life on hold for years just waiting to be with him…

  88. E January 14, 2017 at 6:03 am #

    Wow.. I’ve just read all your stories. I’ll guess it was good for me, because sometimes I feel like I’m alone in this lonelyness. That no one understand what I actually go or went trough..

    I met my LDR partner (that’s what I call him for now because I’m not really sure what our current status are) for 1,5 years. I was on a spontaneous holiday in Spain, I went there alone to see my sister. I bought my ticket the night before and stayed for only 3 days. I’m from Sweden by the way..
    The reason I took this short vacation was to clear my head. I needed time to breath and forget my latest heartbreak. I thought the sun and the atmosphere in Spain would do the trick. On the first night we decided to go out on a nightclub, I really enjoyed myself. Dancing, chatting with people and just felt happy. I noticed a guy standing on the other side on the club, always with an eye on me. My sister whispered to me that she thought he was cute and wondered what he was looking at? I couldn’t help but wonder myself, but this trip was not to meet a guy. I reminded me of that and continued to dance the night away. Suddenly this guy stood behind me on the dancefloor. I didn’t turn around. My sister and her boyfriend pushed me into him and I just looked at him and apologised for bumping into him. Then I went to the bar, he followed me. I felt like “ok, I better go talk to him” because honestly he was pretty damn cute. When I started talk to him I understood that he could barely speak any English. He answered me in French and that was not a language of my knowledge. But somehow we could communicate anyway. It all ended with he followed me home to the apartment and there we spend all night talking. Yea, actually talking. About life. About everything.
    It was something special, and the feeling I had was something I haven’t experienced for a long, long time. The following day we met up again. Same nightclub but this time it was me who followed him home. Imagine my face when I found out he lived in a tent. But that was one thing that made me caught. He was mysterious. We didn’t do anything, he never even tried. Just some gentle kisses and he held his arms around me the whole night. The day after I needed to rush to the airport. He left me outside the apartment and I knew that it was the last time I saw him. He looked at me and said “I really want to see you again.” My heart bumped. “If you want this too we make this possible” I looked into his beautiful eyes and all I could say was ” I do”. We stood there for some minutes and hugged before the reality came across and I knew I had to run. “Goodbye” I said.

    I sat with a smile on my face during the flight home. Something in me said that I actually were going to meet him again. Didn’t know how or when, but I just knew.
    And so I did. Now it’s 1,5 years later and trust me it’s been a hell of a ride. There’s so many times I’ve wished that I never did met him in the first place. It’s turned my would up side down and my life here is totally on pause. We meet once a month and there’s a lot of arguments when we’re together too. Deep down I know it will never work, but something in me
    Can’t let go. Something in me hold on to him so hard. It’s not easy and it has never been.
    I’m sure we met for a reason, weather that is to spend or life apart or together. I don’t know yet.

  89. Sandra C. Castillo de Kader January 28, 2017 at 11:07 am #

    hi everybody!

    My name is Sandra Castillo I am from El Salvador a smaller country in Central America and my husband is Ali Kader from Bangladesh,Asia. We met through Facebook on 2010 for two years we were good friends. After that, we fall in love.
    from 2013 we tried to meet in person but was not possible for the immigration barriers. I traveled to Mexico and he traveled to India looking for the “tourist visa” in ours embassies but they told us: “We can not issue a visa, because Bangladesh and El Salvador has not diplomatic relation”. That news were very painful for us. But in 2014 I got my visa for Bangladesh in NY, USA.

    I traveled on april 10th, 2015 to Bangladesh. In the Airport around 6:00 am he was waiting for me with a bouquet of flower “At that moment the time stopped for some seconds, when I heard your voice, I’ll never forget it. I saw his eyes full of tears. So, I took his hands strongly [It was, our first human contact]. Then, we gave a hug. It was the most special moment in our lifes, even seeing us face to face. We were thinking, is it a dream? Are you true? During the road to our hotel, we took our hands in the taxi. I looked at his hands, his skin, his nails, every hair of his fingers. Yes, he is real, it was not a dream. He did it also! Still we were surprised, astonished of that moment”

    Now, we are going to have 2 years of marriaged and we are enjoying every moment of our life together.

    Sandra and Ali

  90. Nicole January 29, 2017 at 4:28 am #

    So me and my boyfriend met in grade 10 I new I liked him from the moment I met him he was more awkward, shy and reserved. But we got to know each other through out grade 10 and in grade 11 we were best friends. Beginning of grade 12 he asked me to date him and I was so happy :) we by no means had an easy relationship I had quite a bit of family drama and he also told me he was bi, which I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at first. Over all he made me happier than anything in the entire world, I would do anything for him. I had never felt so deeply in love with anyone before him. We would spend every single day together. We loved to go for sushi and walk his dogs to the park, also loved to take after school naps together. Grade 12 was the best year of my entire life. Eventually grade 12 came to an end and we both graduated. When the summer came around he told me that his parents put their house up for sale and they where gonna move to the other side of Canada. He had no real job or clear idea of what he wanted to do with his life so he had no real choice but to go with them. I was in the same boat, not exactly sure what I want for myself. It’s been just about 5 months since he’s gone and it’s been….tough. Tougher for me than for him I think. I miss him terribly. We text every single day and try to skype or voice call as much as we can. At this moment we are both 18, neither of us have a job. His family is still settling in to their new home. We both know we wanna make it work and I feel like it will work but I want nothing more than to hug him and kiss him again. I miss him so much. We argue more often now cause he feels like I don’t give him enough attention but I am trying my hardest to balance everything. I plan to try to find a job, which will make me more busy than I already am but over time maybe I can go see him. LDR are difficult and I really hope it is worth it in the end

  91. Kimberly Munoz February 1, 2017 at 11:37 pm #

    I am so young and wish to not have dated at a young age which probably started in my elementary years! I am now 18 years of age and I don’t know if this still applies because I’m still in high school but if you are still with me, bare with me! (:

    As a young person dating it’s like “wow where were your parents in all this?”
    Well to be honest none of my parents knew the relationships I’ve been in so I was clever with my love life. As of 7th grade I’ve come out the closet as a lesbian and let me just tell you that it was such a game changer but either way I love myself (that’s an important factor) so? I left out the part that my family is Mexican, so? in their era is was just boy and girl, now it is pretty hard getting to be the only person in my family who is a lesbian. I’m still living so that’s good right?!
    As I am now a senior in high school, I never expected to find love…not least “real” love. I didn’t believe in long-distance relationships whatsoever, I didn’t know how someone can really do that…Until this summer I found love and I know I’m young to say that but what I feel is truly real and I am restating that long-distance is worth it! if it feels right, then work together as a team. Me and my current partner Miranda, have met on a lesbian app…as click bait as that sounds it happened! I only had that app for friendships and maybe if I had any luck maybe I’d snatch me a girl, but Miranda changed my life. It always surprises me how people are so shy to talk to me, although it is adorable! (Miranda was one of them) and so she actually made her move into messaging me for the first time and I was in love with her personality! so so kind and genuine and sweet.

    We began as friends and I just had to give this girl my number she was too darn sweet! After awhile we began to bond, like really close! it is amazing to find that in someone. After months and months…She told me she liked me and OMG it was as if she read my mind! now, for me it takes awhile for me to actually know the person and know whether I’d date them or not but for her I didn’t need to decide because she is spectacular! We have begun dating last month and it is already going to be 2 months on the 14th of this month. Even though this girl has not met me before our communication is stronger than ever, we both have school so we try to talk as much as we can. You just have to be completely understandable within the other person’s life structure. Although I am Arizona she is in Chicago, and honestly I am totally okay with that, I have family there so it is okay!
    She is currently 18 as well and is in a university down in Indiana so we try to talk as much as we can and help each other along the way!
    Since I have not dated in a long time I sometimes do not know how to handle some situations so me and girlfriend talk about it and it helps out.

    As being mature, I came to my senses that this is worth the wait! Miranda was really a girl I have been earning for. She is beautiful!
    I will continue my journey with Miranda! and also see where our future takes us because the path is looking beautiful.
    I signed up for a long-distance relationship and I’m going to work for it, FOR HER! (:
    It is worth it! gals and pals!

  92. ghada February 2, 2017 at 3:18 pm #

    Hey so my name is Ghada, I’m 15 years old and my bf is 17, I really love him and I used to think he loved me back, we’ve been together for 7 months now :) we’ve been fine for a long time,we were happy,it wasn’t perfect but it was great!! So yeah the problem is that suddenly he left and I didn’t heard anything about in a month,so I asked his bff who didn’t knew cause I was so worried about him,his friend told me he was fine and he sent me the link of his new account.I was in chock,this account was created the day he left!! I really felt heartbroken and I spent a week crying, however I was about to accept it when he added me with his new account,I was confused.. However I accepted his friend request ,a day later he talked to me,he called and said that he loves me and that he’s sorry,I said it’s okay and I didn’t question him about where he was because I had the feeling that I will regret it if I do so.He changed now, he’s barely online,he talks to me 10 minutes in two days and then he leave,and he still says “I love you”.
    I really don’t know wut to do.. I love him so much but what do I do?? Please help me guys I need you..

  93. Ana February 14, 2017 at 9:00 pm #

    well, i met this guy at a resort, and we just really like each other. like the day we met we just traded snapchat and we’ve been talking since then. like once we spent all night talking (through text) and he was being the cutest, i just felt like loved. i can be myself with him, i have the best feelings whenever i talk to him. but he says that he can’t be in a long distance relationship, but that one day we will be together. i just wanted to wait for this day with him, like he just makes me the happiest even from so far away. we live in different countries though, i know it’s hard but i wanna go through this with him.

  94. Jennifer February 23, 2017 at 9:53 pm #

    I met my boyfriend online about a year and a half ago. He lives in Texas, and I’m from wyoming. we talked for a while and I thought it was just a game. We ended up fighting and he endednup getting a girlfriend where he lives. So I gave up. We talked a little bit the next month but it was awkward. He ended up getting with another girl and they dated a while. We just stopped talking he was with this girl for a few months. And then his mom died. A few months later he found me again on Instagram. And we started talking it was all going well and then I don’t even remember it kinda just stopped. Then October came around and by Halloween he confessed his feelings to me again. I had a boyfriend but I didn’t tell him that. I thought it was another one of his games. And then I noticed he was really down for me. I dumped my ex because I was in love with this guy. We are still madly in love with each other and I’m glad I did what I did. The sad part is that he is graduating this year and going into the navy. And I’m still in highschool. We won’t be able to see each for a few more years. But we both promised it will happen. He even wants to marry me. But this will be so damn hard😭💔

  95. Maria March 5, 2017 at 7:50 am #

    Hi i’m maria. I’m 24. I am from philippines. I am in a long distance relationship with a guy from sweden. Hell yeah! Far right? We haven’t met. It’s been 2years. I have 2 kids from my ex bf. I really thought that i will never find someone who can truly love a woman like me, but then one day while playing this simple game called habbo, it’s like a social community game, we talked. Like talking in other social apps. We became best friends, you know, when u just don’t know how to open up yournproblems to others, but u can to him. Yeah that feeling is nice. Knowing soneone out therr listens to you, makes you happy, accepts your kiddos. He is 25 and very matured. He just graduated masters this year. I am just a single mom who cant work yet. Undergraduate and has big family issues. My mom left me when i was a kid. My dad helps me support me and my kids. I always think that our relationship will not work in the future, that we may not meeet coz of my dad who i cannot leave alone. I am also a bit negative bout myself of who i am what i never had successfully accomplished. If hos parents will like me. Or will he like me till the end. Reading your stories made me build the confidnce to have strength with us. He is such a good influence. I had ALOT of bfs before, all of em where a douche, gold digging ceating bastards. But him, he helped me in everything, taught me good things and made me more stronger in life for my kids. I am looking forward to meet him. I hope one day we would marry just like u guys tell here. :)

  96. Kat March 11, 2017 at 11:15 am #

    I met him at a website. It was fast for us, he courted me two days of getting to know each other, I know it sounds crazy well it is was crazy. Two months and a half later we’ve been fighting​ about how hard the communication is. What’s weird in our relationship is that I can’t save his photo and he gets mad if I saved it, he’s not trying to get to know me, how he tells me I’m clingy because i always asked about what he’s been doing, how he’s always busy because of school but when we have sex chat he have a huge time for that. I forgot how his voice sounds because we don’t do phone calls or even video chat. Sometimes we fight about my stupid questions. And when we fight I always say let’s break up, I don’t know what to do if this relationship is worth holding. He said yes when I asked him about taking a break. Maybe it is good for us. I’m just tired because I feel his not trying about calling me, video chats, I really don’t want to do. Maybe he wasn’t ready for a long distance relationship. It sucks! I’m tired of falling in love.

  97. Brynn March 13, 2017 at 3:08 pm #

    My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. I’m currently living in Texas and he lives in Florida. We can’t meet right now so we are waiting until the right time to meet. We love each other so much and with the love we have for each other it’s making the distance not as big of an obstacle. I’m truly happy with him and he’s happy with me. He is honestly the sweetest guy ever and I can’t imagine life without him

  98. Lara March 13, 2017 at 6:27 pm #

    Hi. I met my boyfriend when I was in my second year of college and he was in his third year but we didn’t really notice each other then because he was kinda in a serious relationship but something happened between him and his ex and they broke up. In my third year, we became a bit close, sharing greetings and making fun of things. oh! well, I know you guys want to hear the details so here it is
    we started dating on the 7th of May, 2016 and we’ve been together since then. after we dated for a month, we parted ways because we both live in different states in the country. At first it was kinda hard because I always think about him, miss him and I felt kinda insecure but as time goes on I began to loosen up. we try to keep the relationship going through phone calls, what’s app chats, we share songs we love, quotes and a whole bunch of things. since our first separation, I’ve seen him 3 more times before the year ran out and right now, it’s been 4 months since I last saw him and it’s kinda frustrating but at the same time it gives me time to focus on my finals. he is currently undergoing his National youth service and we talk like once in a week but for at least 30 minutes. I am satisfied with our degree of communication but
    there’s just one problem I have with him, he doesn’t really expresses his emotions, sometimes I send I miss you messages to him but he doesn’t always say it back all he does is just call back. am I supposed to take that as “I miss you too” or what. sometimes I just feel like he’s not totally committed to the relationship, other times I’m just like oh! I trust him and I’m sure if something is going on with him he’ll let me know. But am I supposed to just wait for a guy to just come and say I’m tired of this relationship and I wants us to break up or just re evaluate our relationship and see where we stand? I’ll be seeing him by first week of April and I’m going to make sure we discuss important issues and not get to caught in just cuddling and kissing. I will be convocating by June 10 God’s willing and I intend to further my studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge and he has no intention of furthering his studies just yet. what should I do? does it look like we have a chance? should I stick to this relationship or end it?

  99. Eric March 17, 2017 at 4:52 am #

    Hi, my name is Eric. I am 33 and from the US. In November of 2015 I met the woman who would turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to me. We started out friends, as she had just come out of a very abusive LDR and said she would never do it again and I was currently in one that made me more miserable than anything. For the next two months we talked everyday, becoming closer and closer, the best of friends till I broke up with my ex and she and I decided to take it to the next level. At first it was a challenge. I am from the states and she was 18 and living in the UK with her grandmother. But the high of us being together kept us strong and we came to be even closer. The first 10 months of our relationship after the initial bumps were simply amazing. However, she got an acting role that put her in a romantic situation with her costar. They shared a kiss and feelings and she started pulling away from me, talking to him. She finally got to the point where she broke up with me. However, it lasted a day and she told the other guy that she loved someone else. The next two months were great and we made it to our one year anniversary unscathed, becoming even closer. We talked everyday and we were writing stories together as we wanted. But after our one year mark, she started suffering from anxiety and stress and started pulling away, after we had just said that we got through the hardest part; the first year. It got so bad that she pulled away for near a week, taking a break from our relationship. She started coming up with little excuses why our relationship wouldn’t work, and I offered counter assurances that it could if we just communicated with each other. She had also started talking to the other guy again and admitted she had feelings for him. He is in a relationship himself mind you. After the toughest week of my life, we started going strong again, though it was evident she was still holding onto scars from that encounter. Another month passed and then she got hit with anxiety again and decided to take another break from me. In this time she was talking to the other guy yet again and they admitted their feelings for each other, though they said they wouldn’t act on them because he was in a relationship. And she finally admitted to having feelings for him to me. Well, today, she made the break a break up. She told me that the lack of physical intimacy was too much and the fact that we don’t know when we will see each other. I told her we could make it work but she said that she didn’t want to, that she just wanted us to be friends. I am devastated. I love her more than life itself but she doesn’t feel the same herself, or if she does she is keeping it to herself and not acting on it. I love her enough to hide my pain and misery from her and agree to be her friend though all I want is for her to change her mind again and give us a chance. Love does conquer all, but only if both believe it enough. I miss her so much, however and wish she could just take comfort in that love and trust it. I don’t think I could do another long distance relationship again if it’s not her. I can’t handle that pain again. Though I hope that others stories turn out better than mine. If anyone needs advice, the best I can offer is to keep the doors of communication open always about anything no matter how painful. I believe had she been more willing to communicate with me we could have saved our relationship. Trust, communication and an us against the world attitude will keep you strong, even when the nights are lonely because the other isn’t there. I will do the only thing I know how to do, which is help her move forward and find happiness now, even if it makes me bitter for the cruelty of life in the end because even today, I can’t imagine life without her, even if she can without me.

  100. Donielle and Xalon March 26, 2017 at 3:04 am #

    Hello, my name is Xalon. And I’m going to tell you about the best two years of my entire life. This is all started when I wasn’t 14. One day I was on Xbox talking to my friend Aaron and he mentions a girl about to join the party. So me being a nervous, shy person. Accepts and says invite her. She joins the party and her voice is the voice an angel. So I know I can’t even see her but love at first sight. Is really a thing I know I was 14 at the time. And she was 13.(only two months apart in age) I live Arkansas and she lives in Louisiana so we don’t the farthest distance. But regardless its distance, and it sucks. Continuing with how we met. She joined the party and I didn’t say a word her and Aaron were just talking and I was just listening. She says she’s going to go get something to drink so then I ask Aaron for her kik. He gives it to me and me being a giant weirdo I message her, over kik. Being as creepy as possible I tell her I’m outside her window to mess with her and I text her everything she’s saying because I can hear her just to freak her out. She didn’t really fall for it. And to this day she says the first time she talked to me she though I was thirty years old. Moving on, we start talking over kik after I reveal it was just me messing with her. And we talked a lot then eventually sent pictures of eachother. At first she was like like “Wow, ok.” And I was like Like “What” she then tells me that I’m hot me being a not outgoing person not really having a real relationship was very flattered because I didn’t have the best self image of myself. I then tell her she was very pretty too. From then on we talked all day and played lots of Xbox together. About a week later I tell her I wanna date her. I’ve done this long distance thing once or twice but neither lasted longer than a week. But what i felt with her, was special. We cliqued almost immeadielty and it just felt right. From then on we talked all day every day for about…. 8 months. One day during these 8 months we were going through some hard times and decided to take a break. A very long one to be exact but we act like it never happened to not damage our relationship. About three months into the break we weren’t taking or anything. I’m on Xbox one night and I’m talking to one of my friends asking advice because I still like this girl a lot and he takes it into his own hands to tell her that and luckily she still had strong feelings for me too. So we talk for about two weeks all day every day and everything just kinda went back to normal this weight got lifted off my shoulders and everything just felt right again like I had a purpose nobody really ever made me feel with this except donielle and I hold her very very very close to my heart. And I love her. I know that’s weird to say af only 15 because you, the reader doubt it will last long but here we are two years later still strong and fighting. I love this girl and she loves me back and it’s the best feeling ever to share with somebody. We hope to see eachother in about a months time for the first time and I can’t wait to see her. I don’t know what’s gonna happen but all I know is It’s going to be the best week of my life. That I get to spend with her. I know I’m not asking for advice but I’m just telling you anything can happen as long as you have a strong bond and are both willing to go through hell and back through eachother. There will be amazing times and there will be horrible times but in the long run everything will work out just fine. Trust me. I’ll update this post once I’m sitting her next to her and we will write another story of how meeting eachother was. Goodbye

  101. Yan March 30, 2017 at 9:29 am #

    My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship for 7 years now. We haven’t met in real life, but we will someday. I used to live in the same country but different state, due to my mom’s work I had to migrate to a different country. We are still both in college, working on our future, and finding out what we want and who we are as an individual. We skype and watch movies, anime, k-drama, or vlogs everyday. Everything is out in the open, we don’t hide anything from one another. We both are honest and trust each other. Yes, there are some down times but what relationship have only happy times. I love him so much. All the waiting and dreaming will be all worth it in the end. our hope. Communication, honesty, and love is definitely the key to our relationship. Good luck to other ldr couples :).

  102. Vanessa March 30, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

    Hi! My name is Vanessa, I’m from Colombia and my husband is from England. We are in the 20’s, I NEED HELP, well, we got married the last year on may and we still not able to live together, is very deppresing, He is not Comming to Colombia to live with me (well is obvious ,Colombia is not the best country) But I can’t even go there because of the home office rules from England. I have never been there and my husband has been here 4 times, this is so stressing, I’m living with my parents and now my sister is comming to live with her boyfriend too, ahh!, I don’t know what to do,I’m thikning about renting and apartment and just do my life, but he is not with me :( I want to be with him but the easiest way is him coming here and staying at least for one year, he says he loves me, I know it, I don’t doubt about it, but he still not making the desicion if he will come and stay with me till we save enough money and leave the country. What should I do, please give me an opinion, this is very upseting. (Sorry my English, I’m stiill learning)

  103. Hannah April 10, 2017 at 12:42 am #

    These stories make me so happy, unfortunately mine ends sadly. Me and the boy I love actually met on one of those silly chat apps when I was 15. We started out as just friends as I wasn’t interested in an online or long distance relationship, but it grew into something more. We skyped and watched movies together, laughed and talked about everything; I really grew to love him. we never officially considered dating until we met in real life, but both shared mutual feelings of love. Now, 5 years later, he recently told me that he no longer feels the same about me and only wants to be friends… I was very hurt, but agreed to keep talking to him. It’s been a few months and he still acts flirty/ says things that aren’t quite appropriate for just a “friendship”. He says he doesn’t mean to, he’s just used to talking to me that way. It does mess with my emotions and honestly makes it hard to try to move on. Should I distance myself so I can get over him? He’s one of my best friends so I’m not sure what to do.

  104. Anna April 15, 2017 at 12:24 pm #

    So I met a guy on Facebook in June 4 2015. We started talking, getting to know each other. But before we met he started his driving business and got committed to it. We talked for one year and 6 months and finally saw each other for the first time…. it was so hard and getting annoying. He had to work because he had a lot of debt and wanted to take care of it before he could come see me on regular bases. We saw each other in end of September 2016 and then again in December. A lot of people are against this kinda relationship but we love each other. He’s a very nice guy it’s just for now he needs to take care of it and said this year finally he will be done… we’ll see. We are in a committed relationship and we are not talking to other people. Btw I live in Californian and he lives in Massachusetts but he travels all over USA.
    He keep making promises and stuff but I just don’t know how long I should be waiting.
    I do love him and I am willing to be patient and just let him take care of his debt situation. I told him I need to see some effort this year bcs the last two times we saw each other that was bcs of me. I planned it out. Now I need to see if he will put effort to our relationship or I will just walk away because I am 26 years old and don’t want to waste my time on someone who are not making no changes.

  105. Tin April 16, 2017 at 12:00 pm #

    Have you ever have someone around almost everyday for 3 years and get attatcbed to this person and spent most of the time together and do everything together. Like you’re already used to having him around. But then things changed and you have to face LDR and you just can’t help but to miss this person so much that everyday you crave for his attention and physical contact and etc. and you both don’t even have time to talk or videocall just text and chat. Damn it’s fucking killing me. They told me I’ll just get used to it but damn it’s been a month and I’m still crying every night just because i miss him so much and can’t do anything about it.

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